Issue #228

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Nintendo Indie World: All the news, trailers, and announcements

SSD prices will continue to rise thanks to high demand and ‘supply chain challenges’ WD says

New AMD CPU leak looks like a perfect fit for Steam Deck 2

WoW’s Pandaria Remix feels like it’s emerged from an extended Pandaren brew session in the dev room

The Fallout: London mod has been delayed by Fallout 4’s planned next-gen update

Everybody is playing Fallout 4 and New Vegas, and it’s all thanks to Amazon’s Fallout

Ex-Blizzard Boss Suggests Players Should Be Able to Tip the Devs of Special Games

Nintendo skipping Gamescom

Keanu Reeves Will Voice Shadow in Sonic the Hedgehog 3

25 Games Leaving PS Plus Extra and Premium in May 2024

Esports World Cup will have record-breaking prize pool of more than $60M

Xbox Game Pass announces late April additions

World of Warcraft’s next expansion The War Within will run a beta before launch, and you can sign up now

Ghost of Tsushima first PlayStation game to have PC trophy support

Netflix confirms The Witcher Season 5 will be its last

Fallout TV show officially renewed for a season 2

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Bore Blasters


Harold Halibut

Children of the Sun

Logitech G Litra Beam LX

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Baldur’s Gate 3 actors reveal the darker side of success fuelled by AI voice cloning

Breaking the silence: A blueprint to beat toxicity, extremism and grooming in gaming

Google mocks Epic’s proposed reforms to end Android app market monopoly

MMOs still have so much room to grow

Fallout’s Vaults have even crazier experiments in the games

What Is The Difference Between Roguelike And Rogue-lite?

Latoya Peterson: “Studios are at the mercy of this house of cards that is the funding system that we’ve built”

Frostpunk 2 Is The Best Kind Of Sequel

I swore I wouldn’t use child labor in Frostpunk 2… but then the kids went feral, formed gangs, and started having deadly knife fights in the streets

World of Warcraft: The War Within preview - delving into an exciting new saga

People who don’t play life sims might not understand that they’re ’the most complex RPGs ever written,’ says Life by You director

Blizzard says “it’s time to make a bold statement” with World of Warcraft

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With the success of ‘Fallout’; what video game or series would you love to see an adaptation of?

Which online multiplayer game represents peak of your gaming days?

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GTA VI Trailer In Real Life

Stellar Blade - The Journey (Behind The Scenes) | PS5 Games

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone - Cheech & Chong Bundle

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Yeah no thanks( when playing a dark scary game)

Sid in God of War

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OPM’s Kim Parker-Adcock: If you survive this industry downsizing, you can survive anything

A new approach to the skills shortage is needed | Opinion