Issue #227

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Long-time Dragon Quest producer reportedly being reassigned to mobile games, with NieR dev maybe, er, NieR to replacing him

Gamers seek legal win that would stop developers from rendering online games unplayable: ‘It is an assault on both consumer rights and preservation of media’

New Stardew Valley mods add over 1,000 unique designs for your animals

Xbox sets up a game preservation team and wants “the biggest technical leap ever” for its next-gen system

Apple has made it a lot easier to emulate older games on your iPhone

Frostpunk 2’s beta period has been announced

Holy Grail NES Castlevania sells for over $90,000

The other shoe drops hard in Helldivers 2, as players go from celebrating total Automaton destruction to fending off a vengeful robot tide in the new major order

Dredge Film Adaptation Announced

Supercell’s Squad Busters heads into soft launch later this month

A year and a half after its bitter breakup with NetEase, Blizzard has made a new deal to bring its games back to China—with NetEase

EA enlists Dead Space remake team to work on next Battlefield game

Epic removes the item rarity system from Fortnite but some fans ain’t happy, and think it’s ’trying to gouge players’

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Classics for April 2024 Announced - News

Every Game And Announcement From The Big Triple-I Initiative Showcase

Fallout 4 free next-gen update finally arrives this month

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Asus TUF Gaming X670E-Plus WiFi

MSI MPG Z790 Carbon WiFi

Botany Manor

Content Warning

Children of the Sun

Fallout Season 1

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Eímear Noone interview – how video game music is changing for better and worse

AI’s biggest triumphs are not AI | This Week in Business

With a near-unprecedented official license for its fan server, one of PC gaming’s great MMOs has a vibrant future: ‘Let it be shouted far and wide: City of Heroes lives again’

How Hidden Nazi Symbols Were the Tip of a Toxic Iceberg at Life Is Strange Developer Deck Nine

How the WoW Classic team decides what to change in the 20-year-old game

Helldivers 2’s comedy comes from propaganda — that’s why it’s so fun

The accidental, inimitable success of Monument Valley

How do we stop the next round of games industry mass layoffs?

Helldivers 2’s dynamism and constant evolution is incredible, and I’m utterly sick of it

The Best Reviewed Games of 2024 (So Far)

There Is Never A Good Reason For Single-Player Games To Have Season Passes

Could subscription services rescue the AA-tier game? | Opinion

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You’re stuck on an island for 2 years, food and shelter provided, and your only source of entertainment is 3 video games. Which 3 you taking? (Internet not included)

What’s your dream video game?

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Endless Ocean Luminous - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Diablo designer on why we couldn’t make Last Epoch

AutoForge Early Access Release Trailer

Star Wars Outlaws: Official Story Trailer

8 Minutes Of Disney Epic Mickey Rebrushed Nintendo Switch Gameplay

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The secret sauce of games

The Darkest Nintendo Commercial Ever

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We’re in the era of the perennial game: plan accordingly | Opinion