Issue #226

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The Witcher 4 to enter production this year as team grows to over 400 people

The Gold Rush Is Over: Epic & MS No Longer Sign Small Indie Games As Exclusives

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s new Joker is here, and players aren’t laughing

Putin Wants Russia to Create Its Own Video Game Consoles

Jim Ryan says PS5 is ‘well on track’ to be Sony’s most successful console ever

April Fools 2024: All of This Year’s Best Video Game Jokes

Discord Is Going To Start Showing Users Ads Despite Past Claims Of Being Against It

Blizzard Is Open to More Warcraft Movies, But Doesn’t Want to be a Filmmaker

Wordle is running out of words

TSMC makes the world’s graphics chips and predicts ‘within a decade a multichiplet GPU will have more than 1 trillion transistors’

Xbox Game Pass April games announced

Just 66 titles saw 80 percent of all playtime in 2023, most older games like Fortnite or GTA 5

New Palworld update adds the first Raid Boss Bellanoir and a bunch of items and fixes

Roblox Studio boss: children making money on the platform isn’t exploitation, it’s a gift

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Sons Of Valhalla

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“Behind Xdefiant’s Toxic Work Culture, Crunch, And Years Of Delays

18 months into a massive war, MMO devs give the Elite Dangerous community all the tools they need to win - but no instruction manual

Dev on my most-anticipated open-world game talks about the exact things I was hoping for: roguelike build-crafting and cool hoverboards in Hyper Light Breaker

Stardew Valley 1.6 is here to remind you why the game is here to stay

Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 and the Xbox multi-platform story so far

Preserving the Past and Eyeing the Future, Atari Charts a Path Forward - Article

A look back at the 3dfx Voodoo 2 – the last dedicated 3D graphics card

1998’s Unreal was a big deal, but its free editing tool was the true game changer—and the origin of countless careers

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons | Why I Love

The World’s Best Wrestler Who Owes His Career to Assassin’s Creed

In defense of Stardew Valley’s fantastically frustrating fishing

Japan’s Galapagos Syndrome shows signs of globalization

In 8 years, Stardew Valley never lost sight of its core philosophy

Does a stuttering console space offer an opportunity for others? | Opinion

With Lethal Company and Content Warning, video games might have finally nailed the horror comedy

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What game is ridiculously complex but does not seem it?

Which game that you liked to play was shut down?

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TEKKEN 8 - Eddy Gordo Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2’s Combat Looks Beautiful And Feels Badass | GameSpot Preview


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Mario gaming Anxiety!

National Geographic of Super Earth

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How data can help you understand the game industry | Joost Van Dreunen interview