Issue #224

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Star Citizen 1.0 ‘Twinkles on the Horizon’, Dev Says — 12 Years and $669 Million Later

Palworld Is Getting Its First Raid Soon, And It Sounds Exciting

Minecraft Has Started Their Own Subscription Service

Dark and Darker is coming back, on Steam’s biggest rival

Apex Legends streamers surprised to find aimbot and other hacks added to their PCs in the middle of major competition

Sony reportedly stops PSVR 2 production to clear the current backlog

Valve launches new Steam Families household game sharing tools

LinkedIn Is Getting Into Gaming

Blizzard secretly made a battle royale game inside World of Warcraft to ‘break the rules’ it’s had for 20 years

Xbox Game Pass Adds Diablo 4, Hot Wheels, And More This Month

Overwatch 2 heroes won’t be locked behind a battle pass starting in Season 10

Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update is finally live, and Eric Barone wasn’t kidding: it is massive

Diablo 4 Season 4 Delayed by a Month, Extending Season of the Construct to May

Warzone Mobile is Available Now on iOS and Android

Larian Studios Won’t Make Baldur’s Gate 3 DLC, Expansions, or Baldur’s Gate 4

Max Payne 1 & 2 Remakes Have Been Fully Funded by Rockstar Games; Budget Similar to Alan Wake 2

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Lightyear Frontier


The Ayaneo Kun

Alone in the Dark

Dragon’s Dogma 2

MLB The Show 24

Rise of the Ronin

Death Of A Wish

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Akira Toriyama never stopped growing up

What we can learn from the Helldivers 2 and Palworld launches | The DeanBeat

As the creator of RuneScape tells me about his new MMO, it sounds like a dream game for folks who want a “nice, relaxing escape” – especially RuneScape fans

I played 43 psychedelic Jeff Minter games in a row and now my brain is a puddle

Pacific Drive isn’t just a good driving game - it’s the antidote to your daily commute

Modulate: Reducing toxicity in online games is a positive for profits

To understand the future of generative AI, we need better language to describe it

‘Balatro’ Interview: LocalThunk on the Mobile Version, Balatro’s Concept, Design, the Demo’s Importance, Future Plans, and More

“The game industry is f***ed”: Indie devs are dying off because getting funding is a battlefield right now, even for critically acclaimed veterans

The upcoming Harry Potter Live Service game will be a superb litmus test | Opinion

Dragon’s Dogma 2 took five years to develop - but the ideas behind it have been 12 years in the making

Protecting art from generative AI is vital, now and for the future

Path of Exile 2 has blown me away after a four-hour preview

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What game in your opinion is just too long?

What game would you consider a perfect sequel?

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FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves Official Announcement Trailer

Hyper Light Breaker | New Gameplay Today

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Season 1 Gameplay Trailer - “Welcome to the Funhouse”

INDUSTRIA 2 | Announcement Trailer

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Final Boss

The Bard

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Unity: “The more places your games are, the more opportunity for discovery” | GDC 2024