Issue #213

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Tencent Loses $54 billion as China airs new online gaming rules

The Witcher Voice Actor Doug Cockle Calls AI ‘Inevitable’ but ‘Dangerous’

Steam’s new privacy feature will let you hide those embarrassing games

Jill Braff named head of studio for Bethesda and ZeniMax

Insomniac Addresses Ransomware Hack, Marvel’s Wolverine Development Will Continue As Planned

Epic Games Store to host blockchain games rated Adults Only

Starfield hits ‘mostly negative’ on Steam, players complain of boredom

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for January 2024 Announced

God of War’s Christopher Judge Seemingly Won’t Voice Young Kratos Out of Respect for TC Carson

The Biggest Game Releases Of January 2024

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It’s that magical Game Catch-up time of year!

2024 is going to be a defining year for Final Fantasy 14, and maybe Square Enix’s last chance to tackle its stagnating formula

I was so wrong to sleep on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, because it’s Ubisoft’s best open world game in years

The 10 most important strategy games to look out for in 2024

Tearing up the pea patch | This Year in Business

Starfield isn’t just a Christmas game, it’s the ultimate festive nightmare

Are the best GPUs really more expensive than they were when I was young, or am I remembering a past that never was?

Every Bethesda Game Ever Released: A Full History

I’m officially exhausted by all the live service games and I want to see way less next year

I thought strategy games sucked, until I discovered Wuselfaktor

Here are Eurogamer’s favourite games of 2023

2023 was so incredible for games that you might have missed these 12 must-plays from the first half of the year

I spent 3 nights at Nintendo’s original HQ

Steam keeps on winning

If Alan Wake 2 and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora are a glimpse of what games will look like in 2024, sign me up

Our 24 favourite games of 2023

If successful, Intel’s next generation Battlemage graphics cards will benefit all gamers

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This has been a truly INCREDIBLE year for terrible games. I cannot think of another year with this many high profile awful games.

What are your MUST PLAY single player games? To play at least once in your lifetime

What video game started off strong but got boring over time?

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Fallout London - Official Release Announcement

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Yeah….if you know, you know.

How the devs wanted us to play “No Russian”