Issue #211

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Is Finally Available On Xbox Series X|S

Rocket Racing isn’t just a Fortnite mode - it’s the arcade racer I’ve been looking for since Mario Kart 8 launched a decade ago

1080° Snowboarding, Jet Force Gemini, and Harvest Moon 64 added to Switch Online + Expansion Pack library

The Sims 4’s For Rent expansion is out, letting you live your landlord dreams

No Man’s Sky brings back all its 2023 expeditions in a holiday special

Former Mass Effect studio director says his new sci-fi RPG “isn’t trying to compete against Starfield,” just wants “the best possible science fiction universe”

Lego Fortnite is propelling Fortnite to a new level of popularity

Fortnite developer still wants Nintendo crossover

The Day Before developer Fntastic suddenly announces shutdown

League of Legends head steps down, ready to “pass the torch” on

Epic vs. Google Verdict Is a Resounding Win for Fortnite’s Developer

The ESA Has Announced That E3 Is Officially Dead

The Division 2 Is Getting A Major Overhaul Next Year, DLC Delayed To 2025

Epic Games Store’s festive freebies are back

Kojima Productions and A24 to adapt live-action Death Stranding movie

The Last Of Us Online Is Officially Canceled

Apple names Honkai: Star Rail as iPhone’s Game of the Year

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Sonic Dream Team

The Day Before Early Access

House Flipper 2

Last Train Home

Lego Fortnite

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Arizona Sunshine 2

Cobalt Core

Asgard’s Wrath 2

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We don’t have to be polite about The Game Awards or pretend it actually cares

The Game Awards will never represent our industry in the way it needs, so what next?

For a cute and cheery little survival game, Lego Fortnite goes pretty hard

25 years ago, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time became more than a game

The Best Game of 2023: Nominees

Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden preview – haunted by Kratos

“I believe people got used to everything being free” - delving into the debate surrounding Skyrim’s paid mods

How DayZ spawned a new genre: the unfinished survival game

Video games’ war on its own developers – ‘I’m embarrassed to be in this industry’

Tekken 8 should absolutely be the fighting game you play in 2024

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy preview – Mostly more of the same, but in the best possible way

We’ll never get another big blockbuster MMO while the industry’s still drooling over live service games

How do you make video game loot feel satisfying, but not too much? We asked the creators of Path Of Exile

2023 was a year of AI hype, but don’t let them convince you it’s inevitable

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – The Final Preview

E3 is dead. Now what?

2023’s great games were a backdrop for industry failure | Opinion

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Free-to-Play game you enjoy frequently where you didn’t spend even a single penny on it?

What games meant a lot to you that can be finished in less than 8 hours?

What was YOUR GOTY of 2023? Regardless of when it came out

What was the biggest “Holy shit” moment you’ve had in a game?

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12 Minutes Of Ultrawide Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Gameplay

Psyonix’s Rocket Racing Game Shines In Fortnite | New Gameplay Today

Pocket Gamer Awards 2023 - The Winners

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Lethal Company’s new arachnophobia mode is a marvel of modern gaming

Valve hands out gift wrapped bans in DotA2