Issue #206

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BlizzCon 2023: Everything Announced and Revealed

Vampire Survivors is getting mini story campaign Adventures in next update

Overwatch 2’s next hero is a massive tank packing two chainguns, and he’s free to try this weekend

EverQuest 2’s former creative director has a bleak vision of gaming’s future

World of Warcraft is “pretty well positioned” to come to consoles

AMD prioritising multi-thread over single-thread performance for next-gen Zen 5 CPUs according to new rumours

Microsoft and Inworld team up to create AI game dev tools

PlayStation Is Losing X/Twitter Integration Next Week

Epic Games Store still hasn’t managed to turn a profit since its launch

Nintendo Switch Continues To Soar, Selling Even Faster Compared To Last Year

Nintendo Is Teaming Up With Sony To Create A Live-Action The Legend Of Zelda Movie

The first GTA 6 trailer will launch in early December 2023, Rockstar confirm

The Overwatch League is officially dead: Activision Blizzard is ’transitioning’ away from its groundbreaking esports league as teams reportedly vote to withdraw

Valve just unveiled ’the definitive first generation Steam Deck’ with an OLED screen and new Sephiroth APU

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For The King 2

Football Manager 2024

The Invincible

Like A Dragon Gaiden

EA Sports WRC

Steam Deck OLED

My Time at Sandrock

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Inside Nvidia’s new hardware for Switch 2: what is the T239 processor?

The contradictions of the modern game industry with huge hits and simultaneous layoffs | The DeanBeat

ESO Is Experimenting With Genres Like No Other MMO

38 Years Ago, Nintendo Changed Pop Culture Forever

Fortnite’s huge popularity spike is both brilliant and devastating

‘Diablo 4’ Has Been A Rollercoaster, But The Long-Term Potential Is There

I’m over limited edition hardware, it’s not worth the effort

Identifying the human problems behind the lack of a clear vision in games development

Decades after “breakup,” Doom’s Carmack and Romero are rehashing their legacy

I met my husband in a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP group and I’m not alone

GTA 6 will be “the biggest game launch of all time” - Industry analysts speak on Rockstar mega sequel

A solo indie developer’s journey from YouTube tutorials to Steam’s front page: ‘At one point I just physically collapsed’

Blizzard’s Overwatch League was ambitious and doomed | Opinion

New ‘Call of Duty’ Draws Harsh Reviews After Rushed Development

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Did you ever buy a console just to play one game?

What’s something that new/modern gamers won’t understand?

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The Human Cost Of Layoffs | Spot On

N7 Day 2023

Dead by Daylight | Chucky | Official Trailer

Game Reveals Are Getting Frustrating | Spot On

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They would never understand

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The core principles of building prosperous game economies