Issue #191

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World Of Warcraft Fans Trick AI, Hilarity Ensues

Blizzard on this week’s Diablo 4 nerfs: ‘We know it is not fun … we don’t plan on doing a patch like this ever again’

PlayStation’s Handheld Project Q Footage Leaks

After making the scariest game I’ve ever played, Amnesia’s developer is considering moving on from horror

Ayaneo KUN is a chonky new Steam Deck rival with four times the battery

Diablo 4’s battle pass is such a mess that it doesn’t even give you enough Platinum to buy a single item

No, Ubisoft Won’t Delete Your Game Library Due To ‘Inactivity’

The ESRB wants to start using facial scanning technology to check people’s ages

Warhammer fans get ready, nine new games are in development

World of Warcraft and Mila Kunis team up with charity pets for Ukraine

Xbox Q4 revenues flat as hardware drops 13%

Yes, the next Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 3

Your Xbox Home Screen Will Look A Lot More Beautiful As Soon As Today

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for August 2023 Announced

Prime Gaming August content packs a punch with nine games and plenty of extra content

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BattleBit Remastered

Razer Blade 16

TP- Link Archer AX6000

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons

Disney Illusion Island

F1 Manager 2023

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Looking Back at the Virtual Boy, Nintendo’s Most Famous Failure

Diablo 4’s first season has the vibe it should’ve had from the start

19 Years Later, The EA Spouse Still Has A Point

Let’s not rush the death of physical video games | Opinion

Blue Protocol is Amazon’s next punt on East meets West

Why does it seem like PC ports are getting worse?

10 Game Developers Who Changed The Industry

Why do I let video games send me back to school?

Skyrim’s Modders Might Be Starfield’s Secret Weapon

Hawked Hands-On Preview: It’s a Less Serious Extraction Shooter

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What real-life skill did you learn from a videogame?

You got sucked into the last video game you played, Jumanji style, how fucked are you and how you plan to survive?

What gaming experience do you miss that will never return?

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Star Wars Outlaws: Behind The Scenes - Crafting a Galaxy of Opportunity


An Update on Sea of Thieves Season Ten

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Launch Trailer | PC Games

Lords of the Fallen - Official Extended Gameplay Overview

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Skip work for Baldur’s Gate 3 with Larian’s leave form

August here we go