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Diablo 4 seasons require a new character and it’s splitting opinion

Brace your wallets, Valve’s Steam summer sale is here

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will not have “gamey” missions, because “we are not a game”

Fnatic Win $1 Million ‘Valorant’ Masters Tokyo Tournament

Phil Spencer says Microsoft bought Bethesda to prevent Starfield being PlayStation-exclusive

Nintendo president says next console will use Nintendo Accounts to ensure smooth transition

Microsoft Looked At Acquiring 250 + Game Companies, Including Sega, Bungie, CDPR, And More

The Diablo 4 community is crafting amazing tools to help with the late-game grind

Deadlock is Valorant’s first perfectly balanced agent

BioWare Is Officially Handing Off Development Of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Apple Arcade is introducing awesome titles like Slay the Spire and Stardew Valley in July 2023 update

PlayStation Plus Essential July

The Last of Us 2 Cost $220 Million to Make, Horizon Forbidden West Cost $212 Million

If you die in WoW Classic’s official hardcore servers, you’ll be cursed to live as a ghost forever

Baldur’s Gate 3 promises level 12 cap, new races, 22 new subclasses, and whopping 174 hours of cinematics in community update

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Park Beyond

Dave The Diver


AEW: Fight Forever Review

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Ubisoft’s Call of Duty Clone Is Actually Pretty Good

BattleBit Remastered is dominating Steam because there’s no catch: it’s just a lot of game for $15

Steam’s New Notes App Is A Game Changer

The Backlash To Diablo 4’s Seasons Puts Blizzard In An Awkward Spot

Pikmin 4: The Final Preview

Payday 3 doesn’t radically change the criminal fantasy formula, but improves on it immensely

Bethesda Didn’t Understand Why ‘Starfield’ Was Xbox Exclusive But ‘Call Of Duty’ Wasn’t

Embracer must focus on quality not quantity if it wants its bets to pay off | Opinion

Everything we learned from the Microsoft vs FTC hearing

Respawn Reveals How Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Most Bizarre and Beloved Boss Came to Be - IGN

How to become a gaming YouTuber

Remedy’s history of big moods collapsing into bad gunfights tempers my excitement for Alan Wake 2

Diablo 4: How Seasons Work | Seasonal Servers Guide

Dino Patti’s mission to trigger the indie multiplayer revolution

The FTC Trial Unmasks Xbox’s Ambitions - IGN

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I don’t understand games like Diablo, PoE etc. Please explain the appeal to me.

What game should you play at least once in your lifetime?

We’ve all heard of toxic gaming communities but which gaming community is actually really helpful/nice/welcoming?

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Cyberpunk 2077’s Redemption Arc and Why We Shouldn’t Give Up On Games With Bad Launches | Spot On

Mortal Kombat 1 | New Gameplay Today

Theorycraft Games | Introducing Project Loki


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Why In game cutscenes are great.

The difficulty levels in System Shock are quite punishing