Issue #186

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Everything from June’s Nintendo Direct

Blizzard Announces Significant ‘Diablo 4’ Changes For Season 1 And Beyond

Diablo 4 makes more in five days than Immortal has in a year

BattleBit is already coming for Battlefield’s crown

Kick Just Stole xQc And Amouranth, Twitch’s Top Male And Female Streamers, Within 48 Hours

Corporation buys a popular League of Legends app for $55 million—it’s made by one guy

Hideo Kojima Won’t Direct The Death Stranding Movie, But He Is “Deeply Involved”

Microsoft Announces Next Wave of Xbox Game Pass Games

Dota 2 is moving away from the battle pass model as Valve says there are better uses of dev time and most players ’never buy’ one anyway

EA realigns into EA Sports and EA Entertainment divisions

Princess Peach Is Getting Her Own Game Next Year

BioWare’s best RPG and Arkane’s best immersive sim are free on Prime Gaming this month

Microsoft raising prices for Xbox Series X, Game Pass in coming months

Sony says it wouldn’t share PS6 details with Microsoft-owned Activision

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Aliens: Dark Descent

Dead Island 2 Co-op

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Final Fantasy 16

Crash Team Rumble

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Our favourite games from not-E3 2023

Phil Spencer on the future of Xbox: ‘Most people just want to find a great game’

Can a strategy game be horrifying?

Traditional gaming shrinks to 26.7% of game and esports revenue as overall U.S. sales head to $72B by 2027 | PwC

Ten Years Ago, The Last Of Us Changed Everything

Xbox Game Studios’ Top Executive on Hollywood’s Video Games Renaissance and His Hesitation Toward AR/VR

I Wasn’t Prepared For Final Fantasy XVI’s Demo To Be So Amazing And Brutal

The way I used to enjoy Diablo games has been replaced, and it sucks

Men need to speak up against toxicity targeting women – and on their own behalf | Opinion

The competitive fighting game community deserves better, and might finally be getting it: ‘we’re the next big thing’

Funday Games on how a beer with a friend spawned Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

2024 Video Game Release Schedule

Everything we learned from the Microsoft vs FTC hearing

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Why are people opposed to linear games?

Which video game world feels the most immersive to you, and why?

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Eternights | New Gameplay Today

Atlas Fallen Co-op Trailer

Todd Howard Answers YOUR Starfield Questions - Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 143

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Praise the designers

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