Issue #174

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Dark and Darker pulled from Steam due to cease and desist from Nexon

‘CS:GO’ Breaks Player Record Thanks To ‘Counter-Strike 2’ Beta

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, author of ‘Moore’s Law,’ dies at 94

FaZe Clan Wins ESL Pro League ‘CS:GO’ Tournament And $1 Million Bonus

Microsoft Ends $1 Xbox Game Pass Offer

Chris Avellone accepts ‘seven-figure payment’ to settle libel suit with those who accused him of sexual misconduct

MultiVersus is going offline, relaunch planned for 2024

US Members of Congress slam Sony’s “monopoly” in Japan

The Last of Us Steam reviews hit low as Naughty Dog issues statement

Japan Watchdog Approves Activision Blizzard Acquisition By Microsoft

Special-Edition Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED And Controller Revealed

Everything Announced During Today’s Dungeons & Dragons Direct 2023

PlayStation Plus Games for April 2023 | Xbox Live Gold free games for April 2023](

E3 2023 has been canceled

Diablo 4 Releases Some Mind-Blowing Beta Stats

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Maono PD400X

Terra Nil


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‘We were really in trouble, and this was our last shot’: The 10 year story of Warframe, an MMO like no other

How Sony Santa Monica knocked God of War Ragnarok’s big narrative climax into shape

I’ve Seen Enough, The ‘Diablo 4’ Beta Indicates It’ll Be A Massive Hit

Remnant 2 - The First Hands-On Preview | IGN First

Why It’s OK for Adaptations to Break From the Source Material

Diablo 4 quest designer explains how they put the RP in RPG with one simple choice

Dwarf Fortress devs on big Adventure mode plans: ‘This is just gonna blow everyone’s mind’

Exploring the complexities of humanity through video games

Counter-Strike 2 is already a blast - and lays the groundwork for years to come

‘Of course, you can start at the beginning or end of a paradox’: Warframe’s most ambitious new expansion yet aims to please veterans and newcomers alike

How game development is continuing during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

How Epic Games views the metaverse and the State of Unreal | Tim Sweeney

The Best Call of Duty Battle Royale Isn’t Warzone

Xbox’s Chris Charla: Game Pass isn’t disruptive

Interview: Tim Sweeney and Saxs Persson on What’s Holding Back True Next-Gen Gaming

Mina The Hollower Blends Bloodborne With Zelda And Castlevania

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What game was harder than it needed to be because you were too young to understand the game mechanics?

E3 Has Been Canceled

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Introducing a closer look at the world of Valisthea in Final Fantasy XVI

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Mr. Aonuma Gameplay Demonstration

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Video game magazines in the 90s were uh… something else hey.

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I’ve submitted a DNA test as I suspect I’m half stormtrooper