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Steam may get a system to let players take ‘game notes’

Lance Reddick, Known For Resident Evil And Destiny, Dies Age 60

Respawn opens third studio to keep Apex Legends going for ‘10 to 15 years’

Netflix Games Launches Mighty Quest Rogue Palace In April, Has 40 More Games Coming This Year

Xbox hoping to launch mobile game store as early as next year

EA pulling Battlefield: Bad Company games and 1943 from stores

The Witcher game Project Sirius appears to be undergoing a revamp

Microsoft Says 10 Years Is Plenty Of Time For Sony To Make Its Own Call Of Duty

EVE Online’s developers are making a blockchain game in the EVE universe

Valve announces Counter-Strike 2 for summer launch

Call of Duty police killing settled for $5 million

Sony Was The Highest-Rated Publisher On Metacritic In 2022

UK regulator sides with Microsoft over Call of Duty on PlayStation concerns

TMNT: The Last Ronin Video Game Is In Development

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Logitech Blue Sona

Destiny 2: Lightfall

WWE 2K23


Have a Nice Death



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As supply chain issues subside, the cold console war heats up | Opinion

The Mass Effect modding scene did what BioWare couldn’t

The Last of Us is the latest video game adaptation plagued by the same problem

We asked the Olympics why their official esports are so weird

Diablo IV Is The Perfect Head Empty, Kill Shit Game

Growing Up and Gaming with a Disability

“Beta has become a twisted word”: Blizzard responds to Diablo 4 early access feedback

Atlas Fallen Preview: Surf the Sands

Are Roblox’s new AI coding and art tools the future of game development?

Redfall is a monster-filled sandbox with big immersive sim potential

Can AI really make a video game?

The Diablo 4 beta makes it feel like Blizzard hasn’t learned anything about action-RPG combat in the 11 years since Diablo 3

We Aren’t Ready For What’s About To Happen With Fortnite

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum offers an authentic take on Tolkien’s Middle-earth

The Ars Technica GOG collection: Our picks from GOG’s big Spring Sale

Fortnite’s evolution is delivering on metaverse dreams | Opinion

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What ruins a video game for you?

What’s your unpopular opinion about anything Xbox?

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Persona 5: The Phantom X - Gameplay PV Trailer

Layers of Fear - Official 11-Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Official Story Trailer

Ubisoft is Developing an AI Ghostwriter to Save Scriptwriters Time

Lies of P - 11 Minutes of New Gameplay

State of Unreal - Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II | GDC 2023

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When You Play War Simulation Game First Time and Can’t Recognize Enemies

an accomplishment

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ID@Xbox has paid out more than $4bn to developers in ten years