Issue #163

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Xbox Game Pass Announcements Have Been Different, Here’s What We Know

Vampire Survivors Dev Released Mobile Port Itself to Fight Copycats

A massive Dwarf Fortress Pokemon mod is now on Steam

The guy who wrote Minecraft’s ending says Microsoft doesn’t own the copyright

Elden Ring Streamer Defeats Two Malenias Simultaneously With Controller And Dancepad

GDQ founder steps down after 13 years and more than $41 million raised

YouTuber Dunkey’s first published game to be Metroidvania Animal Well

Belarus legalises piracy for content from ‘unfriendly’ countries

Review Roundup For HBO’s The Last Of Us TV Series

Fortnite on the fritz as Epic struggles to squish multiple major bugs

Tactical card battler Duelyst is now completely open source

Ubisoft Cancels Three Unannounced Projects, Skull And Bones Delayed Yet Again

Saudi Arabia increases Nintendo stake to 6%

What’s free on the Epic Games Store this week?

Google And NVIDIA Join Sony To Complain About Microsoft’s Activision Deal

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The 10 PC games that everyone has to love

The game studios changing the industry by unionizing

Sons of the Forest Exclusive Hands-On Preview

18 games the PC Gamer team can’t wait to play in 2023

2023 is the year for a small, tactical upgrade to your PC

Comfort Gaming: The Psychology Behind Nostalgic Gaming

Last year was a disaster for PC games - here’s how things need to change

This year is stacked with promising FPS games

The ending of this survival game is the most tension-filled fun I’ve had in ages

Game Informer’s 25 Most Anticipated Games Of 2023

Marvel Snap’s Monetization Has Become Just Hilariously Stupid

Are video game achievements good?

Finji CEO: Subscriptions are simultaneously “awesome and terrifying”

The transition to live services continues | Opinion

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Hogwarts Legacy Is Currently The Best Selling Game On Steam

What are some “video gamey” things games do that you dislike?

As an adult, I find indie games to fit better into my life than most AAA games

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Dead Space Official Launch Trailer | Humanity Ends Here

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Old graphics > new graphics

Valve is like a kid with AdHd