Issue #162

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Vampire Survivors creator has “no idea” why roguelike is successful

There are now over 7000 “playable” games on Steam Deck

2023 video game release dates: every new game coming this year

Fortnite may return to iOS by the end of the year

Need for Speed, Dirt, and Forza star Ken Block dies in accident

Elden Ring Dominates God of War Ragnarok in GOTY Awards, Breaks The Last of Us 2’s Record

Russian officials are considering a ‘Russian Electronic Arts’ to save the country’s crumbling games industry

Hitman 3 is becoming Hitman: World of Assassination, with all content rolled into one big game

Nvidia has finally announced the $799 RTX 4070 Ti launching Jan 5

ZeniMax employees vote to form the biggest videogame union in the US

Wizards of the Coast Cancels Five Unannounced Games as It Focuses on Developing ‘Existing Brands’

Madden fans find franchise saves destroyed after EA said they could play ‘without issue’

Logan Paul Says Some Of His NFT Game Devs Were ‘Con Men,’ But He Didn’t Scam

Sony Announces PS5’s Project Leonardo, A Customizable Accessibility Controller

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

Elgato Stream Deck +

NVIDIA’s Rip-Off - RTX 4070 Ti

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The 20 Best Games Of 2022

2022 saw launcher bloat turn from a minor annoyance into a genuine problem

Steam Deck Opened Up PC Gaming In 2022 Like Never Before

After a terrible 2021 for hardware, was 2022 really any better?

The rise, fall, and curious afterlife of splitscreen multiplayer

Polygon’s 50 most anticipated games of 2023

WoW’s Valor Point System Needs A Major Overhaul

Good job, internet: You bullied NFTs out of mainstream games

20 Years Of Liberty City

2022 in Review: Winners and Losers

Analysts offer predictions for 2023 in games

Meta’s Board Gaming AI Learned Not To Lie

2023 will be the year I… Our gaming ambitions for the year ahead

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what feature in games can go fuck off?

r/PatientGamers Essential Games List: PC

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Being A Gamer In 2022

10 Minutes of Exclusive New Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Gameplay – IGN First

GRAN TURISMO – Exclusive Sneak Peek

Gravity Circuit | New Gameplay Today

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I think I spooked my horse

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How to get better game capture for your trailer