Issue #161

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Rayman 4 leaks along with original source code

Steam’s Year in Review serves up highlights of your 2022 playtime

The Last Of Us TV Series Will Contain Less Violence Than The Games

Naughty Dog’s Next Game Is “Structured Like A TV Show”

Here’s Lost Ark’s early 2023 roadmap

Digital Foundry: mid-generation Switch refresh was canned internally, successor next

China Has Approved A New Batch Of Imported Games For The First Time In 1.5 Years

PlayStation Plus Games for January 2023 Announced

January 2023 Xbox Games with Gold Announced

Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo NFT Game Is Reportedly A Massive Scam

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Front Mission 1st: Remake

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Games of 2022: Roadwarden made money interesting again

Games of 2022: God of War’s great dual protagonists, and a look back at Horizon Forbidden West’s accessibility options.

I tried out a bunch of pariah state OSes to find out which is best for gaming

Ubisoft is failing spectacularly at remaking its most beloved games

What to Expect from Nintendo in 2023

The Steam Deck Has Transformed PC Gaming

The making of BioShock: How Irrational Games created an FPS that’s still celebrated 15 years on

How NFT video games crashed and burned

2022 in GPUs: The shortage ends, but higher prices seem here to stay

The most anticipated video games of 2023

How EA’s Positive Play Initiative Wants to Move From Banning Toxic Players to Creating Positive Experiences

Terraria’s Steam success is the fruit of unmatched long-term support

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I finished over 50 games in 2022

dear PC developers, I would happily wait 5, 10, 60, 100 minutes for my shaders to compile before the game starts if you gave me the option. I’m sick of the stutter!

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Firearms Expert’s FAVORITE Weapons Of 2022

How The Steam Deck Is Changing Console Gaming

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl — Come to Me Official Trailer

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