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Henry Cavill is set to produce and star in an entire Warhammer 40K cinematic universe

Guerrilla Games makes its rumoured Horizon online project official

The Game Awards 2022 Viewer Numbers Were Highest in the Event’s History

RuneScape reveals roadmap for 2023 that includes new storyline and Nercomancy skill

John Carmack is Leaving Meta

Overwatch World Cup To Return In 2023 After Three Years Off

EA Sports Successfully Predicts FIFA World Cup Winners For The Fourth Time

Nvidia is canning GameStream after nine years and users are pissed

Epic to pay $520 million to settle FTC charges on Fortnite

Xbox Game Pass is already looking unbeatable in 2023

Revered roguelike Risk of Rain is receiving a remake

Here Are The Biggest Video Game Releases Of Early 2023 So You Can Plan Ahead

Companies thought Hideo Kojima was “mad” before Microsoft picked up his cloud game

The 2022 Steam Winter Sale is live

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2022 was a year of market corrections | This Year in Business

Portal with RTX kicks off a new retro ray tracing revolution

Battle passes make me never want to play a multiplayer game ever again

For Tim Schafer, creativity is king

One night at Marufukuro, the Nintendo hotel

Top 10 Games of 2022 (Game of the Year)

Two Point Campus takes me back to cosy, nerdy days spent with my sister

PC Gamer’s Game of the Year Awards 2022

The 25 best games of 2022

How Dead Space Aims to Redefine Survival Horror - IGN First presents… The Year In Numbers 2022

Alchemy sim Potion Craft has the best crafting system ever concocted

Pokémon didn’t reinvent itself in 2022, and maybe it shouldn’t have to

After almost a year with the Steam Deck I’ve finally been converted

A decade on, early access is still a big mess

Game Informer’s Top 10 Games Of 2022

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Who’s the best female main character in gaming?

What’s a popular game that you haven’t been able to get into?

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Dead Space: How a Single Scene Was Created - IGN First

Best PC Games 2022

Hogwarts Legacy - Gameplay Showcase II

Lies of P - Gameplay Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Biggest Nintendo Switch Games Coming in 2023 and Beyond

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Wow, this explains a lot about recent events…

Ruin a video game by changing one word in the title