Issue #154

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Diablo 4 endgame is designed to offer “thousands of hours” of gameplay

Messi, Neymar, and Paul Pogba Really Are Coming to Modern Warfare 2

Amazon MMO New World is surging again after recent updates

AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series Releases On December 19

Overwatch 2’s newest hero is a transforming tank that ‘you’re gonna want to get away from’

Marvel Snap’s upcoming PvP Battle Mode is “a totally new way to play” against friends

Japanese PC gaming has had incredible growth in the last few years

Here’s what’s coming to Xbox this week

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Tops $1 Billion in 10 Days to Set Franchise Record

Netflix developing a Gears of War movie

The Nintendo Switch Has Exceeded 114 Million Units Sold

EA dropping Project CARS

The New York Times is changing some of Wordle’s rules

Horizon MMO reportedly in the pipeline

PS Plus Premium and Extra New November 2022 Games Include Kingdom Hearts 3

Control 2 Officially In Development For PC, PS5, And Xbox Series X|S

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Sonic Frontiers

Football Manager 2023 Review

Ghost Song

A Little To The Left

Tactics Ogre: Reborn

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My full statement regarding DOOM Eternal

Exclusive: Final Fantasy 16’s Developers Open Up About Game of Thrones Comparisons, Sidequests, and Representation

An Ode To Easy Mode

Stadia Fans Are Still Mourning The Death Of Their Favorite Service

Age of Empires Is 25 Years Old. Fans Are Shaping the Franchise

I’ve Played 30 Hours Of ‘Marvel Snap’ In One Week, Here’s Why

AI and the future of gaming

Is it wrong to love ‘podcast games’?

I love playing World of Warcraft at the end of an expansion

We’ll Never Get Another Game Like Mass Effect Ever Again

Harvestella is a deliciously dark blend of farming sim and fantasy RPG

Why One Passionate UI Artist Has Archived Over 42,000 Video Game Interfaces

We Need To Start Holding Japanese RPGs To Higher Standards

Why Roberta Williams Came Out of Retirement to Remake a Beloved Text Adventure

Truly Heroic: Meet The Inspirational Owner Of Norway’s Esports Powerhouse

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Mick Gordon (sound designer of Doom) issues statement regarding DOOM Eternal

God Of War Ragnarok Reviewer Has Received Death Threat After Giving The Game A 6 Out Of 10

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Atomic Heart: 10 Minutes of Exclusive Boss Fight Gameplay - IGN First

Evil West - Co-op Gameplay Trailer

God Of War Ragnarök | New Gameplay Today

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Quest Markers

Who needs Sonic Frontiers when we have Niko Adventure 2

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The hidden costs of indie game development