Issue #150

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Valve Confirms Steam Deck No Longer Requires Reservation

EA’s New PC App Is Out Now, Replaces Origin

A text adventure started 40 years ago has only just been finished

No Man’s Sky: Waypoint Update Is the Game’s ‘Biggest Generational Jump So Far’

God Of War Ragnarok Goes Gold, As Sony Confirms 8 Other Studios Contributed

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 remasters handed a January release date

Windows 95 had special code just to fix a bug in the original SimCity

Microsoft Reveals How Much Money Xbox Game Pass Rakes In

Twitch Says 70/30 Revenue Split Was “Not Viable In The Long Term”

Overwatch 2’s battle pass is proving pretty unpopular so far

Casual games will be playable on a BMW next year

Xbox Streaming Console Prototype Spotted On Phil Spencer’s Shelf

2K confirms user data stolen and placed on sale after recent security breach

Google announces cloud gaming Chromebooks in the wake of Stadia shutdown

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games and Game Catalog for October 2022 Announced

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Valkyrie Elysium

Logitech G Cloud

NBA 2K23

Dakar Desert Rally

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090

Overwatch 2


PGA Tour 2K23

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After Stadia, is the future still bright for cloud streaming? | Opinion

Has CD Projekt overburdened itself? | This Week In Business

Overwatch hasn’t moved on, but I have

Starfield interview: ex Bethesda dev on scale, building a new universe

Mortal Kombat at 30: Co-creator Ed Boon looks back on its creation and legacy

From abandoned board game to birthing a genre: Football Manager at 40

The Last of Us show’s Ellie was “encouraged not to” play the game

Shout out to all the Overwatch supports - where would we be without you?

Grounded is a masterclass in horror gameplay and won’t admit it

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Is My Favorite Story RPG Since ‘Mass Effect,’ Three Vs Later

Major game studios believed this company was providing experienced, well-staffed QA teams—employees say that was a lie

Voicing Mario in a movie is an impossible task

What games get wrong about horses

Real-time strategy is back from the brink of death

‘Strange things began to happen’—how a Ukrainian studio lost its game, saw it botted to hell, and saved it

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I literally don’t understand the hype about Overwatch 2. It’s so generic and boring

Do mature JRPGs even exist, in a western sense?

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Mortal Kombat - 30th Anniversary Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Why Horror Games Are Good For You | MindGames

Choo-Choo Charles - Release Date Trailer

Wild Hearts Hands-On Preview

Dead Space | Extended Gameplay Walkthrough

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Ace Ventura in Cyberpunk 2077

it’s me, i’m the friend

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Don’t do that: What to avoid when soft launching a game