Issue #144

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Path of Exile’s new expansion is named Lake of Kalandra

Axie Infinity CEO Moved Crypto Tokens Before the Company Revealed Hack

Former Xbox Exec Explains Why Microsoft Encouraged The Console War

Dr. Disrespect’s game is called Deadrop, watch some early gameplay footage

Sony on Microsoft Activision buyout: Call of Duty has no rival

Riot’s fighting game Project L will be free to play, have ‘respectful’ monetization

Fire Emblem creator’s new strategy RPG is out now on Steam

Xbox Game Pass August 2022 Lineup Adds 7 Games

Call Of Duty Keeps Bleeding Millions Of Players

Decline In Video Game Spending Continued Through Q2 2022

Logitech are making a cloud gaming handheld with Tencent

Everything announced in today’s Pokémon livestream

Someone finally beat the $20,000 Halo 2 challenge

Xbox Is Testing Game Pass Family Sharing

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Silverstone SX1000

Two Point Campus

Hard West 2


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Wholesome Games Are Awkwardly Comfortable Depicting Violence Against Animals

BattleTech has grown into a sprawling, must-play mech war sim

What’s the greatest length you’ve gone to just to run a game?

‘Cyberpunk 2077,’ Delayed Another Year, Could Have Changed The Industry

Just Like That, Netflix Is Suddenly Kind Of Great At Games

RPS Time Capsule: the games worth saving from 2007

The world’s first syndicated game journalist was an 11-year-old kid

How real and virtual racing go hand in hand at Formula E esports

Why Did ‘Stray,’ a Video Game About a Cat, Become This Year’s Surprise Hit?

It’s wild that mobile game ripoffs this bad are allowed to exist

South of the Circle has some of the best performances in games I’ve ever seen

Blizzard, NetEase Scrap Warcraft Mobile Game After Financing Dispute

State of the Game: Red Dead Online - an untamed playground to make your own fun

Marvel Snap And MultiVersus Prove We Need Shorter Battle Passes

Twitch’s Gambling Boom Is Luring Gamers Into Crypto Casinos

FIFA 23: Hands-On Preview

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Do you watch game essay/critique/docu videos on Youtube? If so, which channels do you watch?

When a game mechanic irks you so much that you’re unable to continue playing

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RimWorld Console Edition | Launch Trailer

NBA 2K23: First Look Trailer

FIFA 23 | Official Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners | Official Trailer (Studio Trigger Version) | Netflix

Gotham Knights: First 16 Minutes of Gameplay - IGN First

Arcane: Bridging the Rift | Trailer

Meet Your Maker - Reveal Trailer

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Double standards

It’s impenetrable

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Moo Yu on finding the heart in game development

Our Machinery scraps game engine, asks developers to delete source code