Issue #129

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Microsoft is reportedly considering adding ads to free-to-play games

China Bans Livestreams Of “Unauthorised” Games

After Two Years, Ghost Of Tsushima Has Received Its Final Patch

Ukraine game developers say they’re staying put, with hopes to rebuild

Original Portal co-writer urges Valve to start making Portal 3

Report: Jason Momoa Will Star In That Minecraft Movie

Bloomberg: SEGA is rebooting Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio for Super Game initiative

Streets of Rage movie in development

Newzoo: Esports will generate $1.38B in revenue by the end of the year

7 Days to Die, Bugsnax, and more join Xbox Game Pass soon

Amy Hennig Is Getting Another Crack At Leading A Star Wars Game

World Of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Is Dragonflight

Jane Foster Thor Coming to Marvel’s Avengers as a New Playable Hero

Kim Kardashian Threatened to Sue Roblox Over a Fake Sex Tape Game

World of Warcraft: Classic is adding the Wrath of the Lich King expansion

It Takes Two movie enters development at Amazon, Dwayne Johnson may star

Sony Is Also Planning An In-Game Ads Program Similar To Xbox - Report

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The Playdate

Postal 4: No Regerts

All 24 of Playdate’s included games


Intel Core I9 12900KS

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Crypto Gaming ‘Landlords’ Upset They Can’t Keep Exploiting All The Players Quitting

Discussing reviews with reviews editor Chris Tapsell

How to let a metaverse die

The Delicate Balancing Act of Making a Video Game Built on Secrets

F1 Manager 2022 simulates the sport, not the press circus

How can the industry and education bring through the next generation of games talent?

We Need Fewer Video Game Movies And More Movie Video Games

Ghostlore Is A Decent Diablo ARPG With Southeast Asian Influences

AMD’s Epyc processors played a key role in Mercedes’ 2020 and 2021 F1 championship successes

Superbloom on evolving mobile games for women

Why Sony (Probably) Won’t Emulate the PS3

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Learning to appreciate “Easy Mode” as I get older

God of War felt hugely overrated to me

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Steelrising | 5 minutes Gameplay video (Alpha footage)

Snoop Dogg Bundle | Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone

Saints Row Like a Boss Customisation Trailer

Outriders: Worldslayer Preview

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I’ve seen some weird fake ads in games… but I think this one in Skate 3 is the biggest mess I’ve seen so far.

Every damn time

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What’s changed for devs seeking early investment?