Issue #121

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Horizon Forbidden West Was Delayed To Avoid Crunch, Says Game Director

Intel Arc desktop GPUs are coming in Q2, but don’t expect them to end the GPU shortage

Ubisoft says it would listen to offers of a buyout, but it has the resources to remain independent

Henry Cavill Visited Warhammer HQ And Had Just A Swell Time

Street Fighter 6 Announced After Mysterious Countdown

OpenSea phishing scam swindled millions in NFTs

Horizon: Forbidden West is second-biggest PS5 physical game launch so far

Lost Ark’s European Server Capacity Will Not Be Increased

Kickstarter saw record number of games projects funded in 2021

Rainbow Six Siege’s seventh year will bring three maps

Final Fantasy XIV Graphical Overhaul Announced

PSVR 2: Final Design, New Photos, And Details Revealed

Sony Pictures CEO Calls Uncharted A ‘New Hit Movie Franchise’ Following Strong Opening Weekend Box Office

PlayStation Plus Games for March 2022 Announced

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Far: Changing Tides


Elden Ring

Martha is Dead

Grid Legends

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WWE 2K22

The costs of buggy game launches are mounting | Opinion

The DeanBeat: Acquisitions will be a game of trillions, not billions

How does Lost Ark compare to Diablo 3 and Path of Exile?

Pornhub has loads of Minecraft let’s plays, and we spoke to the guy making them

The rise of prestige Chinese games

The A-Z of new gaming terms

These So-Called ‘Casual’ Gamers Are Actually Hardcore Strategists

An Extensive History Of Rappers Rapping About Video Games

Battle Passes And Video Game Grind Stole 15 Years Of My Life

Why Hunt: Showdown is the FPS that creates stories

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What dealbreakers make you give up on games?

Which game has given you the absolute best value for money?

What are some great singleplayer games you guys would recommend playing?

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Is Cyberpunk 2077 Finally In The State It Should Be?

Rainbow Six Extraction: 25 Minutes of Spillover Gameplay

ELDEN RING – Overview Trailer

Steam Deck Teardown: Everything Valve Said Not to Do!

Steam Deck - Everything To Know

History of Soulsborne Games

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Never give up

Answer: the other player is hacking. It got to be that.

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A look at how publishers select, review, and sign indie games

How to squeeze the most out of your demo