Issue #119

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Everything announced in the Nintendo Direct

Activision turns to Infinity Ward to address declining Call of Duty player numbers

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer gets a lifetime achievement award, to be presented by Microsoft’s Todd Howard

It Takes Two Passes 5 Million Copies Sold, Is Hazelight’s Most Successful Game Ever

Phil Spencer “Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer” When Pitching Xbox Game Pass

Grand Theft Auto 6 is in ‘active development,’ Rockstar confirms

Nintendo Hacker Gary Bowser Sentenced To 40 Months In Jail

Factorio expansion will be as big “as the whole vanilla game”

Jade Raymond’s studio making “persistent and evolving online” title for PlayStation

Epic’s Tim Sweeney Says Fortnite Won’t Be Updated To Run On Steam Deck

America’s Army, The Government’s Video Game Used For Recruiting, Is Shutting Down

Dragon Ball, Elden Ring publisher is putting $130 million into an “IP metaverse”

Esports coming to 2022 Commonwealth Games

Microsoft Says Call Of Duty Will Release On PlayStation “Into The Future”

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Lost Ark

Breakout Recharged

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How Exactly Can Meta Prove It’s Delivering The Metaverse?

Where Game Companies Stand On NFTs

Games that avoid capitalistic design

Mir4 is a bizarre crypto-mine masquerading as a dated MMORPG

Rune Factory 5 uses Skyrim’s best feature

15 years later, Crackdown is still more magical than any of its try-hard follow-ups

Do glory kills need to calm the hell down?

The games industry must remain vigilant on safeguarding children | Opinion

IGDA mishandled complaints of harassment, conduct violations

Lost Ark Tips For Beginners: Trade Skills, Mokoko Seeds, Pets, And More

Dying Light 2 is a perfect example of the ‘7 out of 10’ game

There Aren’t Too Many Indie Games, Actually

Accessibility on Twitch: the complications of streaming

Meet the hundreds of horse girls running Red Dead Online’s kindest posse

Elden Ring: The Final Preview

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What’s a game from your childhood no one remembers?

Tell me about the videogame moment, that you found uncomfortable to sit through.

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Lost Ark: Director’s Trailer

Destiny 2 ViDoc: Light in the Darkness

Call of Duty Vanguard & Warzone Season 2 Cinematic Intro

The Wolf Among Us 2 - OFFICIAL Full Trailer (2022)

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