Issue #098

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Overwatch is changing McCree’s name

Skate to debut on PC for the first time

Indie dev leaves industry ‘indefinitely’ thanks to exploitation of Steam’s refund policy

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression Challenge Based, Not Per-Match XP

Xbox uses its social media reach to encourage players to get their COVID-19 vaccinations

Yakuza Creator Reportedly in Negotiations to Join NetEase Games

AMD loses more graphics card market share to Nvidia, says report

China really doesn’t want young people to play online games

MIR4 is blowing up on Steam despite mostly negative reviews, probably because of cryptocurrency

CD Projekt Red Hires Community Modders To Help Cyberpunk2077

Windows 11 launches in October

Activision Releases Unusual Video Showing Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheater Getting Banned

Xbox Game Pass adds Craftopia, Final Fantasy XIII, Surgeon Simulator 2, and more in early September

No Man’s Sky: Frontiers is out now and makes you the space mayor

PlayStation Plus offers Hitman 2, Overcooked! in September

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No More Heroes III


Noctua NH-P1

Sonic Colors Ultimate

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

Mini Motorways

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11 of the best games you can play offline

eFootball Has Promise, But Won’t Be Relegating FIFA This Season

DokeV Was Absolutely Game Of The Show At Gamescom 2021

How game-makers are catering to disabled players

The modern challenge of gaming without a strong Internet connection

Respecting retro game constraints in the age of remakes

Pinball is reviving a small Illinois town

Dead Space reboot shows off its ‘super precise’ alien carving technology

Is Sony’s New PS5 Model Worse Than The Original?

New World: Complete Guide And Walkthrough

Just How Random Is Lost In Random?

Why Netflix’s Expansion Into Gaming Is (Not) A Good Strategy

The emotional rollercoaster of retro gaming magazine collecting

Blizzard just delivered a masterclass in how not to announce a game

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Blizzard’s latest earnings call suggests World of Warcraft has lost half of its monthly active users. Looks like this the beginning of the end.

Is it just me or are Square Enix just not that great anymore?

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10 Minutes Of No More Heroes 3 Gameplay

Genshin Impact Aloy Character Demo Trailer

Elden Ring Impressions: Exploring The Open World, Dungeons, and More

Saints Row (Reboot) - Welcome to Santo Ileso Trailer

NBA 2K22: Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

We’ve played five hours of Far Cry 6 - Everything you need to know

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I’m just petting a horse don’t mind me

There’s a lesson here somewhere

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“It’s made of details”: Staying focused as a hobbyist game developer