Issue #083

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Ubisoft’s free-to-play turn could be the new normal for big franchises | Opinion

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ Is Currently The Best-Reviewed Game Of The Year

Stadia is ‘Alive and Well,’ Says Google - News

Blizzard relents on WoW Classic’s overpriced cloning fees

Mediatonic Accidentally Leaks Fall Guys’ Source Code Online

The chip shortage is driving up tech prices–starting with TVs

The PlayStation Steam Page Is Live

Twitch Begins Adjusting Sub Prices Based On Where Viewers Live

GTA, Red Dead Online Summer Updates Announced

Nvidia Is Throttling New RTX 3070/3080 Cards For Ethereum Cryptocurrency Mining

62% of all App Store revenue is generated from game transactions

Survey says 59% of women hide gender to avoid harassment while gaming online

2020 Was The Best Year Ever For Dungeons & Dragons

New TimeSplitters Game Officially In Development As Free Radical Design Reforms

NBA 2K21 is this week’s free game from the Epic Games Store

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Days Gone (PC)

Logitech G923

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What is a game?

Konami made a new action game and it’s actually rad as hell

How Roguelikes Can Make You a Better Person

Esports drives user engagement — and revenue — for free-to-play games

The Making of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition

The Ascent Preview: Bottoms Up

Apple might have scared one of the biggest gaming companies in the world

Cities: Skylines has scared off all the other urban city builders

“At Arkane, There Is This Refusal To Accept That Something Is Impossible” - Deathloop Director

After talking to a scientist, Mass Effect’s aliens are more believable than I ever expected

Apple spent $1m on Fortnite marketing, earned “over $100m” in commission

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Why Nintendo games never go down in price, directly from Satoru Iwata

We made Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero, AMA!

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Biomutant - Gameplay Footage (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One)

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Official Trailer | Netflix

Deathloop Preview

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes – Teaser Trailer

Lies of P - Story Trailer

25 Minutes Of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Gameplay

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After 189 days of struggle and frustration my friend was finally approved to adopt his new child

Top Notch Game Physics

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Opinion: Breaking down the success of The Witcher 3’s open world