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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Developers Working With Modding Community to Ensure Compatibility

Razer have gone full analog with their new Huntsman V2 keyboard

Ubisoft pushes back Prince of Persia remake once again

Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion will unlock “billions” of traversable worlds

This seven screen laptop has a 60-minute battery life

Here are your Humble Choice games for February 2021

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Expansion Revealed, Coming Fall 2021 - Everything We Know

Factorio developer begins work on a big expansion pack

Terraria on Stadia Canceled After Developer Is Locked Out Of Google Accounts

AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s DLSS supersampling tech could be here by March

Latest Battlefield rumors point to upgraded ‘Levolution,’ battle pass system

Cyberpunk 2077 dev CD Projekt Red falls victim to cyber attack

The Last of Us TV series casts Game of Thrones vets Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

Jack Black will be Claptrap in the Borderlands movie

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MSI GS66 Stealth

Field Of Glory II: Medieval

Little Nightmares 2

Persona 5 Strikers

Nioh 2

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

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The dream of the Sega Dreamcast died 20 years ago

Stadia’s issues were clear from the start | This Week in Business

How do esports players make money?

The best free PC games in 2021

Doom Eternal, Mick Gordon, and the videogame composers raising hell

Microsoft’s xCloud is Probably Looking Very Closely at Google Stadia Right Now

Co-op Survival Game Valheim Taps Into One of Gaming’s Biggest Obsessions

How a remake of an obscure 1995 FPS led to a retro shooter revival

All the big video games coming out in winter 2021

We Look Back on 30 Years of Blizzard

Valheim is making me love survival games again

“Arcades are a crucial part of the history of video games”

Ayrton Senna Helped Sega Make A Better F1 Game

Bayonetta Is The Best-Playing Game Ever Made

One of the most controversial video games of the 2000s is being released

In the ’80s, she was a video game pioneer. Today, no one can find her

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Despite its flaws, Control is a masterpiece of a video game

AC Valhalla now has 9 Armor sets in the Microtransactions store, that means that now half of all the sets in Valhalla are locked behind MTXs

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The Truth About SBMM And Call Of Duty: Warzone

Firearms Expert Reacts To Red Dead Redemption 2’s Guns

The Architect: Paris - Official Trailer

Black Myth: Wukong - Chinese New Year greetings

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gamer moment

It is the rule

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Advocating for Accessibility in Video Games

Epic’s new tool promises high-fidelity human characters in under an hour