Issue #030

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The Stardew Valley Expanded mod feels like a proper expansion

People Are Spending Ridiculous Time And Money On Gaming During Coronavirus

Here’s a peek at Dwarf Fortress’s upcoming non-ASCII maps

Oh dear, Cannibal Cuisine looks like Overcooked but cannibals

Microsoft admits “we set some wrong expectations” with Xbox Series X “gameplay” reveal

Call of Duty: Warzone Dev Explains How the Team Came Up With Idea for Gulag

John Romero’s great-grandmother was a 1920s crime boss, now she’s in a video game

Respawn leaders launch a AAA studio without an office

Cassette Beasts is a strange but exciting take on Pokemon

Halo 2 Anniversary Is Now Available For PC And On Game Pass

Phil Spencer: Impact of COVID-19 on Games Will Be Felt in 2021

Epic Games announces Unreal Engine 5 with first PS5 footage

Early Diablo 3 shots reveal a darker Diablo 2 sequel that never was

GTA 5 is free on the Epic Games Store

New Paper Mario adventure Paper Mario: The Origami King coming to Nintendo Switch on 17th July

Harvest Moon: One World Announced for Nintendo Switch

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Before We Leave

Get Packed

Someday You’ll Return

Super Mega Baseball

Horizon’s Gate review

Deep Rock Galactic

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The 9 best road trips in PC games

The Creator of ‘PUBG’ on Where Battle Royale Started and Where It’s Going

We Need More Clarity From Sony And Microsoft’s Next-Gen Plans

The controversy over Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat software, explained

Why ‘dead game’ needs to die

How World of Warcraft has evolved with the Internet

Two Reasons A $400 Xbox Series X May Be Possible: A Pandemic And Revenge

It’s Been 25 Years Since Sega Of America Made Its Biggest Ever Mistake

Bookworm Adventures has been erased from the internet, and I want to know why

‘Assassins Creed Odyssey’ Is The Perfect Non-Animal Crossing Lockdown Game

Minecraft Dungeons Devs Talk Difficulty and Item Rarity

How on Earth did Fallout ever get made?

Evercade Interview: Director Andrew Byatt on Making Nostalgia Modern

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Does anyone else feel themselves getting grouchier about games?

Who else plays their Switch exclusively in handheld mode?

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The Ascent - 12 Minutes of Next-Gen Gameplay - IGN First

All The Xbox Series X Games Confirmed So Far

The Dumb Sh*t We Do In Video Games

Here’s a good look at gameplay for Amazon’s Crucible

F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

Ghost of Tsushima - State of Play | PS4

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Most fair AI ever

15 years ago today, Leeroy Jenkins prepared a plate of chicken, then led his team to their imminent demise. Never forget.

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Building the AI of F.E.A.R. with Goal Oriented Action Planning

Postmortem: Treyarch’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (Dreamcast Version)

Why localisation is a vital part of games writing