Issue #023

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Golden Gun Arcade mode is now live

Valve’s Artifact reboot is so big the devs are calling it Artifact 2

What the heck is DirectX 12 Ultimate and what does it mean for PC gaming?

The “overwhelming majority” of PS4 titles will be playable on PS5

Gabe Newell says ’everybody benefits’ from competition with Epic

Is Animal Crossing one of Nintendo Switch’s most successful launches ever?

World of Warcraft is doubling all XP gains to keep its players indoors

Steam continues breaking records, this time at 22 million users

Country-Wide Minecraft Server Being Used By Polish Government To Help With Social Distancing

Here’s our first look at Stalker 2

Don’t expect another 13 years between Half-Life games, Valve says

Plague Inc. announces mode where players save the world from a pandemic

PSN download speeds will be slower in Europe to preserve internet access

PS4’s Free PS Plus Games For April 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons breaks Switch sales records in Japan

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Exit the Gungeon

Half-Life: Alyx


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Sony and Microsoft are playing different card games

Wasteland 3 Preview

The Social Distancer’s Guide to Gaming

What GameStop Is Doing In The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Inexcusable

Animal Crossing’s new museum is an ode to evolution

How PUBG Mobile was made in four months

The risky life of esports orgs outside the big leagues

Which is the best gaming console for you?

Power Vs Speed: The Xbox Series X And PS5 Are Very Different Animals

Half-Life: Alyx interview — Reviving an iconic franchise with VR

The big Half-Life interview

We talk Half-Life: Alyx with Valve in “the meanest interview ever”

The priceless work of Make-A-Wish, and the potential of games

Bad netcode is killing many of your favorite fighting games

The Death, and Future Rebirth, of A Life Well Wasted

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Gamestop Finally Closes Stores to Customers

Rant: I really hate the lack of server browsers and player controlled servers in modern FPS games

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Bleeding Edge Launch Trailer

P.T. Unseen Content - Lisa’s Unseen Behaviours - Hidden Scenes

Here’s 20 Minutes Of Half-Life: Alyx

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Immersive Mode Update: Everything You Need To Know In Under 2 Minutes

Wasteland 3 Gameplay - Customization and Opening Combat

Predator: Hunting Grounds - Multiplayer Gameplay | PS4

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Any time I need to leave the house for groceries or meds

As an extremely immature man, this sold the Half life Alyx Physics for me in the first 2 minutes

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Unity is giving away hundreds of hours of premium tutorials because of the coronavirus