Issue #011

Hello gamers and welcome to the first issue of the decade. 2020 should be a memorable year for gaming, we have some big titles coming this year like Cyberpunk 2077, Last of Us 2, Half Life Alyx (finally) and many more.

We will continue to bring you the most important gaming news of the week, but we also have some other plans that should be exciting, we hope to bring those to life as soon as possible.

Your opinion is very valuable to us, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve, feel free to contact us and help us be better in this next decade. Let’s game!

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These were the best-selling games on Steam in 2019

Ubisoft uses AI to teach a car to drive itself in a racing game

The Witcher 3 Redux Mod Overhauls the Game

Sony CES 2020 Schedule Announced – “The Future Is Coming”

Valve Is Suing A ‘Dota 2’ Tournament Organiser For Failing To Pay Winners And Staff

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The Witcher 3 achieves new Steam record thanks to the Netflix show

SuperData: Games hit $120.1 billion in 2019, with Fortnite topping $1.8 billion

Mother 4 fan game rebranded Oddity, teaser trailer

The developers of SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent are up to something new

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Shovel Knight: Showdown

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Observation is great because it understands that less is more

The Decade’s Most Influential Video Games

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Polygon’s 50 most anticipated games of 2020

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The antithesis of a labor of love wins the Steam labor of love award AGAIN

What game for you typifies Steam’s idea of their “Labor of Love” award?

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The Greatest Game Trailers Of The Decade

The History of Grand Theft Auto

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Me During this New years

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How Disco Elysium’s interjections turn information into gameplay