Issue #006

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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Arrives March 2020, And It Looks Stunning

Ubisoft is making major changes to how damage is dealt in Rainbow Six Siege

Sources: BioWare Plans A Complete Overhaul For Anthem

The much-loved Factorio finally has a 1.0 release date

Path Of Exile 2 Officially Announced At ExileCon With Major Changes And Improvements

Path of Exile is coming to mobile without the ‘bullshit trends,’ studio says

CS:GO Operation Shattered Web is out now

Esports pros face same stress levels as football and rugby stars, new study states

All The Game Awards nominations for 2019

Toyota Supra returns to street racing in Forza Horizon 4

N3twork Raises $40 Million In Series C Funding Round

Alien: Isolation on Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed With New Trailer

Amazon to launch game streaming service to rival Stadia and xCloud, says report

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The Legend of Bum-Bo

Unity of Command 2

Google Stadia

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


The Wanderer

Shenmue 3

Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword

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I played Football Manager 2012 for 37 seasons. How am I supposed to move on now?

The indie explosion that’s been going on for 30 years (give or take)

The DeanBeat: What does video game history mean to you?

15 Years Later, November 2004 Might Still Be One Of The Best Months In Video Game History

Has a game ever made you rethink your moral code?

As Left 4 Dead 2 turns 10, we speak to its creators about the Valve game that won’t die

Broken Roads’s moral compass will make you panic about every decision

Blizzard ‘has completely changed,’ say Diablo’s original creators

The never-ending journey of No Man’s Sky

Building Stronger Communities

The Best Video Games Books

With Overwatch 2 and Path of Exile 2, sequels are really challenging the meaning of ‘2’

Fear of an Irradiated Planet

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What minor issue ruined an otherwise great game for you?

Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

All four titles from Respawn Entertainment so far have been ranked “Mighty” on OpenCritic. Huge congratulations to the team.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator - Gameplay Trailer

Bringing Cyberpunk 2077 To Life

Minecraft Dungeons Official Gameplay Demo

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Micro-Transactions Ruin Gaming

Battlefield 1 Cosplay

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Veteran director Khris Brown on the secrets of great voice acting

The Art of Firewatch