Issue #004

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The biggest BlizzCon 2019 announcements

Nintendo Will “Continue To Enhance” Switch Online Content, To Encourage More Users To Try The Service

Diablo IV will feature a shared open world with five regions and a non-linear campaign

World of Warcraft is getting a new starting area to go with its new leveling system

Fire Emblem remake and 3DS games could be coming to Switch

Top-Down RPG Project Witchstone Will Have Consequence-Driven Gameplay

Keanu Reeves doubled his presence in Cyberpunk 2077 because he enjoyed it so much

Dragon Age 4: All the rumors and details we know so far

VKLiooon is the first woman to become Hearthstone global champion

No More Heroes III is 35 to 45 percent complete, has a bigger open world than No More Heroes 1

China cracks down on online gaming with a curfew and time limits

Fallout 76’s aristocrats are fighting against ‘peasants’ without a subscription

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Death Stranding

Planet Zoo

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Abandon Ship

Luigi’s Mansion 3

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Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC is exactly what you think it is

The Outer Worlds is very good at not wasting your time

The best FPS games on PC

How Do Some Games Become More Than Just a Hobby?

Hey Mom and Dad, I got an esports scholarship!

Can’t Stop Playing: Disco Elysium

The 100 best games of the decade

Cyrille Imbert, the Man Who Brings Gaming’s Past Back to Life

The most surprising video game predictions from a decade ago

What does the future hold for Street Fighter 5?

Disco Elysium interview – I don’t want to be this kind of animal anymore

The most important games of the 2010s

The Guilty Pleasures of Video Game Violence Are a Mirror for Our Consumerist Nightmare

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Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”

Children of Morta: Quick Look

Watch 10 minutes of Hearthstone’s new Battlegrounds mode

Terminator: Resistance - Opening Gameplay

Need For Speed: Heat - Day and Night Gameplay

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EA Origin and Steam Will Work in Tandem, EA Working on Cross Save and Progression Sharing

Have you ever played a game that made you like other games less?

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Death Stranding Rick & Morty

This is too true

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20 years later, David Brevik shares the story of making Diablo

How Magic: The Gathering card sets are designed

Game Design Deep Dive: Decisions that matter in Orwell