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Everything announced at the Xbox showcase at Summer Game Fest 2024

Everything announced during Summer Game Fest 2024

Everything announced and featured at Day Of The Devs 2024 in one place

Devolver Direct 2024: Everything Announced

All the Games Featured in the 2024 Showcase

Every Game Shown Off During The Wholesome Direct

Every game, trailer, and announcement in the 2024 PC Gaming Show

Ubisoft Forward 2024: Everything Announced

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Nvidia has officially erased Intel from the graphics card market

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Addresses Studio Closures - IGN Live 2024

Diablo 4 has pets now, and Spiritborn class gameplay will be shown off for the first time next month

Chef RPG is a foodie Stardew Valley where you brew your own drinks and try to keep the critics happy

Supercell: “There’s no reason” why there aren’t more mobile games at Summer Game Fest

Football Manager will officially licence The Premier League

Nintendo, Xbox, And PlayStation Have All Now Abandoned Twitter/X Integration

Arcane to an end with season 2, and the trailer finds the cities in an all-out war

Nvidia’s new Blackwell GPU specs just leaked, including RTX 5090

Caves Of Qud’s final update before 1.0 adds new UI, and mouse and gamepad support

Epic Games Store has leaked a lot of unannounced games, including The Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy 9 Remake and a new Turok game

14 PS Plus Extra, Premium Games Announced for June 2024

PS5 is finally integrating Discord into the console’s UI

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Sony avoids F2P as its live service model takes shape | Opinion

Mark Cerny: When making consoles, we’re not trying to build low-cost PCs

Slitterhead Interview: The Creator of Silent Hill Explains Their New Horror Game - Exclusive

Stormgate: Celestials Faction Hands-On Preview

Has Dragon Age lost its identity, or am I just being grumpy about BioWare’s new take on it?

Xbox Just Had its Best Showcase Ever – and at the Perfect Time

Best Anime About Gaming

With Veilguard, Dragon Age becomes what it was probably always destined to be: A Mass Effect game

Dragon Age: The Veilguard: The First Preview

A date with Path of Exile 2: a new class, smoother onboarding, and the reason why this had to be a sequel

The battle for the heart of next-gen handheld gaming PCs: AMD’s Strix Point versus Intel’s Lunar Lake

Fallout 76 Skyline Valley hands-on preview

Monster Hunter Wilds: The First Preview

Speaking to the creator of one of last year’s best and most difficult games, The Banished Vault

Monster Hunter Wilds goes above and beyond in search of evolution - preview

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What’s your pet peeve in gaming?

Only a few games have truly blown my mind. Which ones blew yours?

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Blasting Waves of Eldritch Horrors in Kill Knight | New Gameplay Today

Thank Goodness You’re Here! Is The Year’s Funniest Game | GameSpot Summer Live

Phil Spencer Talks Xbox Showcase, Studio Closures, Xbox Handheld, and More! | IGN Live 2024

Why are creepy games always set in Washington?

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Put this foolish ambition to rest

This is what it actually looks like

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Mock reviews and game evaluations: what are they, and why are they useful for devs?