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Could Games Go Above $70? Embracer CEO Weighs In

Xbox Is Publishing Toys for Bob’s Next Game

Valve trademarks Deadlock, the hero shooter it still won’t confirm exists

Naughty Dog “will not be The Last of Us studio forever”, Neil Druckmann says

You need an entire crew to pilot this homemade tank simulator

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 7 will add modding in september 2024

Diablo IV Announces Massive First Anniversary Event

Sony is finally letting you use your PSVR2 on PC, but it’ll cost you

Nearly 30 years later, the devs behind one of the first MMOs are making a new “true, old-school MMORPG” with hundreds of players on persistent servers

Google Employee Reportedly Leaked Nintendo Info Ahead Of Official Announcement

Summer Game Fest 2024 is ‘Largely Focused’ on Already Announced Games Releasing This Year

Yakuza is getting a T.V adaptation on Amazon this October

As Western publishers layoff thousands Nintendo has hired 400 new developers

Mobile accounted for $90.4bn of global games revenue in 2023

The Last of Us 2’s Story Could Take Three HBO Seasons to Complete

Xbox Game Pass June titles announced

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is now called Dragon Age: The Veilguard, first gameplay reveal is coming next week

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Disney Dreamlight

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XDefiant dares to ask the question: “What if Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was good?”

Hands on with the $799 ROG Ally X: comfy to hold despite bigger battery and SSD than the original

Peeking under the hood of AMD’s Zen 5: Here’s what has been changed and improved in the new CPU architecture

Dragon is Dead Preview: Just One More Run…

Why games consoles are holding back interactive storytelling

What makes a game cinematic? The answer is changing

The 16 Best MMORPGs To Play In 2024

It’s hard to complain about ‘hero shooter fatigue’ when Concord looks this good

It’s Time for Sony to Bring Back Killzone and Resistance

The future of gaming belongs to weird little games

Tails Of Iron 2 Preview

How to culturalize a hit mobile game | Good Pizza, Great Pizza interview

This is the most important showcase in Xbox’s history

The life and death of E3

The present and future of online toxicity management

Preview: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Feels Like a New Beginning

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What games actually do the “living, breathing” open world right?

Let’s playfully roast some beloved games. I’ll start…

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Call of Duty: Game Pass’ Savior? | Spot On

The Entire Story of Armored Core 6

We Played Elden Ring’s New DLC | GameSpot Preview

Metal Slug Tactics - New trailer | Coming Fall 2024

Games Where Your Choices Have Actual Consequences

Drova - Forsaken Kin Playtest Announcement Teaser

The Alters - 14 Exclusive Minutes of Demo Gameplay | IGN First

Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft | Official ‘Danger’ Teaser

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I think I may be too dumb for Elden Ring. (OC)

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