Issue #233

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Valve’s Next Game Reportedly an Overwatch-Style Hero Shooter Called Deadlock

Fallout Is Coming To Fortnite

Diablo Immortal’s New Tempest Class Wields Wind and Water to Fun Effect

Ghost of Tsushima is PlayStation’s biggest single-player PC launch to date

The next Call Of Duty will launch on Game Pass on day one, reports say

Seablip is a pixel art pirate ’em up out now in Early Access

There are supposedly three Total War games in development, one of them Total War: Star Wars

An original Morrowind dev is back to working on the game 20 years after quitting Bethesda with an impressive sounding mod

Sony says it’s working in “close collaboration” with Miyamoto on the Zelda movie

GTA 6 Boss “Highly Confident” In Fall 2025 Release Window

You Can’t Play Steam Games In Your New Tesla Anymore

Microsoft to integrate AI into games

The PC games market grew a lot more than the console games market last year, says research firm

IGN Buys Gamer Network Sites, Layoffs In Progress

Playstation is developing a new platform for free-to-play mobile games

Call Of Duty Black Ops 6 Teasers Have Arrived

Atari buys Intellivision brand, ending longest running console war

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Logitech Pro X 60

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Razer Fujin Pro

Songs of Conquest

Duck Detective The Secret Salami

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Kai Cenat’s 100+ Hour Elden Ring Stream Is The Gaming Event Of The Season

I’m Starting To Believe That Xbox Just Got Lucky With Halo

How to port any N64 game to the PC in record time

If Deadlock is real, the visionary Valve we once knew is gone for good

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone Can’t Let Go Of Stardew Valley

Ghost of Tsushima PC performance analysis: Your CPU will be fine, your GPU will whine, but there are settings for every gamer out there

Why I still hold onto my Phantom Blade in World of Warcraft

Last looks: The global games market in 2023

Syndicate is One of the Best Games I Have Played in Recent Memory

After Swimming In Gold For Months, Diablo IV Players Are Begging For A Bailout

Gamers Have Become Less Interested in Strategic Thinking and Planning

MultiVersus Director On Going Offline For A Year, Surprising Roster Picks, And Walter White

Neil Druckmann Interview - The Evolution of Storytelling Across Mediums

All XDefiant game modes explained

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What “dead” franchise would you bring back if you could?

What game is the biggest 9/10 you could give?

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College Football 25 | Official Reveal Trailer

Top 10 Worst Fallout Vaults Ranked From Least to Most Messed Up

System Shock Remake On Xbox Series X | New Gameplay Today

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II - Official Launch Trailer (ft. Animal Soul by AURORA)

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata: Lost Interview 20th Anniversary Remaster

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree | Story Trailer

Enotria: The Last Song 20-Minute Demo Gameplay Dive | The Rundown

The Witcher: Season 4 | First Look | Netflix

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Good Question

GTA vice city came in 2002