Issue #225

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Path of Exile: Necropolis Announced, Arrives on March 29th

US suing Apple for blocking cloud gaming, other antitrust practices

Nvidia CEO reckons your GPU will be replaced with AI in “5-10 years”

Move over Balatro, one of the most moreish roguelikes just hit Steam

Overwatch 2’s PvE content scrapped as devs are denied bonuses for the first time, report claims

Microsoft Reportedly Reaches Agreement With Crash Bandicoot Dev Toys for Bob for New Game

A handheld Xbox? Microsoft’s gaming chief can’t stop thinking about it

GTA 6 release date could slip to 2026 under Rockstar “fallback plan”, according to reports

We Finally Know WoW Subscription Numbers Thanks To A Blizzard GDC Talk

I’ve been waiting 5 years for the MMO by Journey’s developers to launch on PC, and it’s finally happening in April

First Human Patient to Receive a Neuralink Brain Implant Used it to Stay Up All Night Playing Civilization 6

Phil Spencer wants more digital storefronts on Xbox

BioWare “missed our big opportunity to be Steam” and sell The Witcher: “We’re kicking ourselves about it now”

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup for April 2024 announced

NCSoft Confirms Guild Wars 3 Is In Development

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The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

South Park: Snow Day


Horizon Forbidden West

Open Roads

Pepper Grinder

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What is the elevator pitch for a PS5 Pro? | Opinion

I’m sad to see the old gang go, but Larian really doesn’t need the Baldur’s Gate IP or D&D to make another groundbreaking RPG

Dragon’s Dogma 2: a brilliant game in need of technical improvements

Best Board Games for 4 Players

Preserving old games was seen as a non-commercial ‘art project’ until recently, says Nightdive director: ‘They were great then and they’re great now, and companies have begun to realize that’

Lucas Pope’s new Playdate puzzler is a lovely, silly game about community

I’m Learning To Love My Steam Deck. Very Slowly.

Wizards of the Coast ‘Not to Blame’ for Larian Leaving Baldur’s Gate 3 and D&D Behind, Swen Vincke Insists

I used to be a frame rate snob but owning a Steam Deck has made me realise the error of my ways

Phil Spencer on what the hell is happening in the games industry

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom devs explain why it was a much bigger overhaul than you’d think

Outward 2 Preview: The Survival RPG That Hits Hard

Sand Land - Preview

The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

The big Larian interview: Swen Vincke on industry woes, optimism, and life after Baldur’s Gate 3

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What’s a game mechanic that simply exists to annoy the players?

What video game has such rich, in -depth lore that even a majority of its player base doesn’t know half of it?

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First Dwarf - Gameplay Overview

Marvel Rivals | Official Announcement Trailer

Stellar Blade | New Gameplay Today

Judas Interview: How Ken Levine Is Building on BioShock With ‘Narrative LEGOs’

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0% trust

At least knowing we have them keeps us motivated

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How games companies can protect themselves from cyber attacks

The definitive primer for publishers and developers on striking deals with influencers