Issue #223

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Akira Toriyama, Creator of Dragon Ball and Manga Pioneer, Dies at 68

Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 2 Begins Today With New Skins, Locations, Weapons, And More

LG’s new $1 billion investment should help make OLED gaming monitors cheaper

Wahey, Helldivers 2 players have successfully liberated Tien Kwan, fully unlocking those highly-prized mechs

Apple reverses ban on Epic’s developer account following European Commission enquiry

Everything Nintendo Announced On Mario Day 2024

MultiVersus is back in Unreal Engine 5, and launching on May 28

System Shock Remake Is Coming to Consoles This May

WoW Dungeons Are Getting A Difficulty Overhaul, And It’s More Than A Little Confusing

Discord is letting third-party developers create games to play on its platform

Final Fantasy 14 Director Says the Game’s Become Too Relaxed, Will Increase the Challenge Going Forward

RuneScape creator reveals new MMO 10 years in the making

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Classics Catalog lineup for March 2024 announced

The next big D&D videogame is a survival-life sim from the makers of Disney Dreamlight Valley

Google’s new gaming AI aims past “superhuman opponent” and at “obedient partner”

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Kanto Ora (Speakers)

Contra: Operation Galuga


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Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice Interview: NetEase Games on the complex process of bringing the PC survival simulator to mobile

The Sea Of Thieves Community Doesn’t Want A Console War, Rare Says

How former PlayStation boss views gaming’s tumultuous time | Shawn Layden interview

How Black Desert stayed strong after 8 years of live ops | Jeonghee Jin interview

When Xbox Was Struggling In Japan, Akira Toriyama Was Its Ace

Every Game Company Should Be Celebrating Its History Like The Making Of Karateka

Akira Toriyama gave us gaming’s most perfect character design

The Feds are Coming For “Extremist” Gamers

Rise Of The Ronin Blends Team Ninja’s Combat With Open-World Freedom

Top Spin 2K25 Hands-On Preview: The Great Tennis Sim Returns

WoW Classic Is Still Growing, And Players Can’t Get Enough

Video Game Industry Layoffs Are Worse Than Ever. How Did We Get Here?

Helldivers 2: how Arrowhead turned the twin-stick shooter original into a bombastic PS5 sequel

The Resident Evil Game That Can’t Be Remade

Discoverability is a problem that will never be solved | Opinion

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Why don’t younger kids play single player games?

What game was first that you easily broke through 100+hours of gameplay?

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Delta Force: Hawk Ops | Gameplay Showcase: Havoc Warfare

No Rest For The Wicked Gameplay Preview - THE FIRST 90 MINUTES!

Felvidek Trailer

Rise of the Ronin Everything To Know


Welcome to Dragon’s Dogma 2 - Presented by Ian McShane

Panews|Palworld Update Raid Battle #1|Pocketpair

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Get lost NPC

100% this has to happen