Issue #219

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GTA 6 Is Aiming For “Perfection,” Take-Two Says

Ubisoft Plans To Launch XDefiant Before March 31st

Paralives heats up the race to be the next Sims with early access release in 2025, confirms no paid DLC

Disney buy $1.5 billion stake in Fortnite publisher Epic, announce new “games and entertainment universe”

Helldivers 2 Overtakes God of War to Become Sony’s Biggest Ever Game Launch on Steam

Dead Cells developer ends support, focusing on new projects

Runescape maker Jagex sold to investors for estimated $1.1B

EA flop Immortals of Aveum reportedly cost around $125 million, former dev says “a AAA single-player shooter in today’s market was a truly awful idea”

17-year-old Counter-Strike prodigy carries his team to tournament victory in a performance dubbed one of the greatest in the history of the game

PS5 Entering ‘The Latter Stage of Its Life Cycle’, Sony Says

PlayStation won’t launch any “major” games in existing franchises this year

PlayStation boss says first-party PC releases will be part of “aggressive” growth plan

Microsoft bringing four games to other consoles

Diablo IV Will Be The First Activision Blizzard Title On Game Pass

Skull and Bones has a rival in new pirate game from Tropico publisher

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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo

Divinity: Original Sin the Board Game

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Sony InZone H5

Helldivers 2

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Avernum and Geneforge creator Jeff Vogel says “sustainability is tricky” - even when you’re a bottom feeder

The “live service” model is all played out | Opinion

We’re in a golden era of game demos

I played 50 Steam Next Fest demos this week, and these are my top 5

As esports streams improve, live stage shows are evolving too

After more than 60 books spread out over 18 years the Horus Heresy series is finally over, so please be kind to the Warhammer 40,000 tragics in your life

Why Gaming for Good is a cause to get behind | interview

Nightingale has what it takes to be your favourite new Steam survival game fix – preview

‘I’ve Never Seen It This Bad:’ Game Developers Explain the Huge Layoffs Hitting Riot, Epic, and More

Skull and Bones’ open beta shows a great pirate ship game sunk by scope

Helldivers 2 is more than just a great Starship Troopers game

Once again I am forced to tap the ‘singleplayer games are not dying’ sign

Tomb Raider Remastered is the kind of update we need more of because it preserves the past, flaws and all

Helldivers 2 reminds us that friendly fire isn’t just an annoying penalty—accidentally obliterating your buddies can be good, actually

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Why is nudity and sex in videogames more taboo than violence and gore?

Gaming culture has been ruined by preconceived notions and the idea every game is for every person

What’s an old (>17-ish yr) game with great writing and gameplay mechanics that would still hold up by today’s standards?

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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered | New Gameplay Today

Nightingale Hands-On Preview

Showcase Of The Immortals | WWE 2K24 Official Trailer | 2K

I Spent 12 YEARS Building my Own Kingdom in Minecraft

No Rest for the Wicked: Exclusive Boss Battle Gameplay - IGN First

Updates on the Xbox Business | Official Xbox Podcast

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I miss the Bethesda of old. Come back!

I Love Videogames

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Empowering play for all: The path to true accessibility in games