Issue #215

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MSI enters gaming handheld race with new, unique, Steam Deck rival

Valorant is getting its first new gun in 4 years, a ‘high impact, double-barreled sniper rifle’

Netflix is considering introducing ads and in-app purchases to its games

Former Stardew Valley developer making their own gorgeous life sim RPG, this time in a city with rideable bikes

Portal: Revolution isn’t official, but it is an incredibly impressive-looking mod with an original story

Valve starts the year off strong as Steam breaks its concurrent user record yet again

Rumors suggest Xbox is bringing more games to Nintendo Switch and PS5, but what’s the truth?

HBO’s The Last Of Us Has Already Won Eight Emmy Awards


Nvidia announces RTX 4080 Super, 4070 Ti Super and 4070 Super graphics cards

Cult of the Lamb’s Sins of the Flesh Update Has a Release Date


Palworld Release Date Announced, Will Bring Its Gun-Wielding Pokemon Lookalikes To Game Pass Day One

The Last Of Us Season 2 Finds Its Abby: Kaitlyn Dever

SAG-AFTRA and Replica Studios pen AI voice agreement

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Intel Core I7 14700K


Sovereign Syndicate

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

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Xbox Game Pass’ success isn’t entirely down to value

Is Unreal Engine 5 ’too big’ for Steam Deck?

Mainstream Media Still Doesn’t Understand Video Games

Is LAD: Infinite Wealth the most enticing Yakuza yet? | Preview

The 2023 Community GOTY Results

Best Shooter of 2023

How can Nintendo Switch 2 surpass its predecessor? | Opinion

Cocoon’s greatest mysteries are hidden behind puzzles most players won’t find

Alan Wake 2 understands anxiety better than any other game I’ve ever played

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game – The First Preview

Two Decades Ago, The Most Underrated Sonic Game Changed The Series Forever

Our gaming ambitions for 2024

The Best Stuff from CES 2024

Eurogamer readers’ top 50 games of 2023

Why more PC gaming handhelds should ditch Windows for SteamOS

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What game did you regret buying right away?

Which games from 20+ years ago can you always come back to without being disappointed?

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Arcane: Season 2 | First Look | Netflix

EXODUS | “Become The Traveler” Cinematic Trailer

Diablo IV | Official GeForce RTX Ray Tracing Reveal Video

We’re Still Not Sure About Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League | GameSpot Hands-On Preview

Pacific Drive: Our Most-Anticipated Survival Game | New Gameplay Today

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Fetch quests summarized