Issue #210

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Every Winner At The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards 2023: Everything Announced

Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1 Announced for Next Week

Activision Blizzard planned to open “Steam of mobile” store | Epic vs Google

Halo Season 1 is free to stream on YouTube right now

Activision felt ’now was the time’ to put Call of Duty’s DMZ mode out to pasture, says play zombies instead

The Witcher 4 Will Emphasise Freedom and ‘Intense Gameplay’

Fortnite confirms original map will return again in 2024 due to popular demand

Epic Games Announces Three New Games for Fortnite – LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival

The creator of Terraria says the worst part of making one of the biggest indie games ever is that their wife likes Stardew Valley more

Stardew Valley Creator Gives Fans a Progress Report on 1.6 Update

Twitch to cease operations in South Korea next year

Bethesda tries its hand at paid mods in Skyrim Special Edition once again

The Last of Us season two now confirmed for 2025 release

The Day Before’s Early Access Launch Is Not Going Well So Far

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Gangs Of Sherwood

Against The Storm

In Stars And Time

Highland Song

Lucidsound LS100X

Arizona Sunshine 2

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

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“The African audience has become global”

Why Bethesda Responding to Starfield’s Steam Reviews Is Part of a Rising Games Industry Trend

The oldest gamer in the world: my eight decades of video game memories – Reader’s Feature

What Made Grand Theft Auto: Vice City So Special

Emerging developers on Roblox are gaming’s rising stars | The DeanBeat

‘Hi-Fi Rush’ Anniversary Interview: Director John Johanas on His Career, the Importance of Hi-Fi Rush’s Song Choices, the Possibility of a Sequel, and More

In a wild world, Rockstar’s playing it straight with GTA 6

Polygon’s Best of the Year 2023

What the Polygon staff bought and loved in 2023

How the LG OLED Flex makes stunning games look even better

The Last of Us Part II Remastered - A Hands-On Breakdown Of The Remaster’s No Return Roguelite Mode

Sorry Apple, turns out 8GB of memory on a Mac isn’t anything like 16GB on a PC after all

Lego Fortnite feels like Minecraft for the metaverse era

Are there any good video game spin-offs into a completely different genre?

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Baldur’s Gate 3 won The Game Awards 2023

What game mechanic did you go through the whole game not using/learning?

What video game opinion will you defend like this?

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Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1

LEGO Fortnite

Official Trailer | Call of Duty: Warzone

Thedas Calls - Dragon Age Day (2023) - Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

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For the 100th time, it’s not p***!

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EA are making more of their accessibility tech free for other devs to use, including a personal game coach