Issue #204

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GameSquare acquires Faze Clan

Nintendo Boss Says Transition From Switch To Next Console Will Be Smoother Than Before

Blizzard Put Real Human Blood In A PC, And You Can Win It

Diablo 4’s new seasonal event drops so much legendary loot it feels like an exploit, but Blizzard says it’s intentional

‘Squadron 42 is now feature-complete and has entered its polish phase’, says Chris Roberts

Spider-Man 2 fastest-selling PlayStation Studios game ever

Fallout TV series launch date revealed

After slaying 666 cows, Diablo 4 player makes major breakthrough in the hunt for the secret cow level

Epic detail plans for Epic Games Store improvements - and how they’re going to tempt more devs from Steam

Obsidian’s Josh Sawyer wants to do Pillars of Eternity 3 with Baldur’s Gate 3’s budget

Twitch now allows simulcasting to other platforms

Cities: Skylines 2 devs designed the game to target 30 fps because ’there’s no real benefit to aim for higher’

Nintendo fans outraged by ‘draconian’ guidelines for community tournaments

Xbox Partner Preview October 2023: Everything Announced

Valve is dropping local currency support for Turkey and Argentina amid ’exchange rate volatility,’ moving to ‘regionalized USD pricing’ for 25 countries

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Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Master X

Ghostrunner 2

Endless Dungeon

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria Review

Alan Wake II

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Cyberpunk 2077’s redemption is complete, but the future remains murky for CD Projekt

Moderators are the unpaid backbone of Twitch

Best Zombie Games Of All Time

10 quietly popular games on PC

That bad King Kong game was only in development for a year

Spider-Man 2 is now the PS5’s definitive technical showpiece

I knew the promise of an entire BioWare game remade inside another, older BioWare game was too good to be true, but what I found was even weirder than I imagined

PlayStation Franchises That Deserve a Comeback

How a Twitch streamer is transforming the Brazilian League of Legends scene

The Alan Wake 2 mesh shader issue is a reminder that one day your mega expensive GPU just won’t be good enough to run the very latest games

400 hours of work, 100 unique characters, and 50 working quests: One Skyrim fan’s year-long journey to recreate the RPG in Age of Empires 2 is almost over

How No Russian Became Call of Duty’s Most Memorable Mission - Art of the Level

Microsoft joins the publishing top table | Opinion

Why Unity felt the need to “rush out” its controversial install-fee program

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What are some hard truths that gamers stubbornly refuse to accept?

Do people actually care about graphics?

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Mind Over Magic - Steam Next Fest Trailer

Squadron 42: I Held The Line

PlayStation x UEFA Champions League - Extraordinary Drama

Alan Wake 2 NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 and Full Ray Tracing Technology Overview

ARK: Survival Ascended Launch Trailer

Alan Wake 2 - Launch Trailer

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Laughs in PC

Explain that atheists

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Being an effective people manager in the games industry