Issue #202

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CD Projekt Red spent over $60m to develop Phantom Liberty

Ghostwire: Tokyo is free for Amazon Prime subscribers

RuneScape ends Hero Pass following pay-to-win criticisms

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum devs were expected to make an ambitious triple-A game on a tenth of the budget, report claims

John Riccitiello retires as Unity CEO after nine years

Activision Blizzard expects to add games to Game Pass next year

Ubisoft’s CoD-Style Shooter XDefiant Delayed Indefinitely

Sony Announces New Slim PlayStation 5 Models With Removable Disc Drives

Disney’s CEO is reportedly being advised to buy a big game publisher, because money

Diablo 4 update makes major change to damage calculations for greater build variety

Rocket League will end player-to-player trading in December, leaving fans to fear for the future of the game

Supercell has teased a monster hunting game called, which enters beta testing later this month

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Classics Catalog lineup for October 2023 announced

In what might be the most expensive MMO ban of all time, gambling streamer loses 1 trillion gold valued at over $160,000

It’s Official: Microsoft Has Bought Activision Blizzard for $69 Billion

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Meta Quest 3

Cricket 24

Total War: Pharaoh

NHL 24

Saltsea Chronicles

Lords of the Fallen

Star Trek: Infinite

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An allergy to transparency | This Week in Business

Hands-on with AMD FSR 3 frame generation - taking the fight to DLSS 3

Why CCP haven’t stopped trying to make an EVE Online shooter for 15 years

Amid a legendary autumn for PC gaming, a team of two developers quietly released one of the best shooters you can play right now into early access

If Anthem is the “anti-BioWare game”, then James Ohlen is correcting the balance

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The Final Preview

Why Total War: PHARAOH Is a Fresh Trip to Ancient Egypt

Sony discusses five-year journey to launching PlayStation Access controller

Palia’s fan base is split, and it makes the cozy farming sim complicated

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What video game franchise took a huge risk that paid off big time?

What game did you avoid for years to play, but you were blown away when you finally played them?

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The Real History of Assassin’s Creed | The Real Assassin’s Order

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