Issue #201

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Minecraft Dungeons Support Ended By Microsoft

Peter Molyneux’s blockchain game arrives next month, just in time for NFTs to be completely worthless

It took 10 years, but someone has accomplished all 2751 of Final Fantasy 14’s achievements

Starfield was made to be played “for a very long time”

The same modder who fixed Starfield’s inventory has now sorted out the rest of the UI

Fable co-creator releases Ultima-inspired retro RPG Moonring for free on Steam

Xbox Partners With Special Olympics

As longtime hosts say thanks for the memories, the Overwatch League as we know it is dead—but Activision promises a ‘revitalized esports program’ is in the works

Fortnite will soon make all user-made content include an age rating

Blizzard’s First New Warcraft Game In Almost A Decade Releases In November

Online play and services for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U software will end in April 2024

Dota 2 TI 12 prize pool looks like it might be the lowest ever

Diablo 4 is coming to Steam

Nintendo Reveals Animal Crossing Lego Collaboration

A Live-Action Cyberpunk Project Is In The Works

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MSI MAG 274UPF (Monitor)

Varjo Aero

EA Sports FC 24

Station to Station

Forza Motorsport

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Detective Pikachu Returns

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Eve Online’s greatest stories belong to its players

Life after FIFA: The birth of EA Sports FC and its mission to find 1bn fans

The sad demise of arcade gaming – Reader’s Feature

Cocoon, Tomb Raider 2, and the pros and cons of being stuck in a game world

Grasshopper Manufacture: 25 years and still hopping

Lies of P isn’t as brilliant as Bloodborne, and that’s OK – in fact, it’s actually quite a good thing

I Had an Unforgettable Pokémon Battle Aboard the S.S. Anne

Why CS:GO was the greatest competitive FPS ever—and how CS2 will eclipse it

Old School Runescape player goes on an emotional roller coaster after hackers strip his account of items worth 4.8 billion in gold

Starfield’s new game plus is one of the best parts of its narrative

Diablo 4 season 2’s biggest draw is its quality-of-life updates

The time PC Gamer gave a Star Trek game just 8%: ‘If this were any worse, it would be offensive’

What the current wave of layoffs means for the games industry

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I don’t like like misleading dialogue options in RPGs

Gamers 30 and 35 over, what has changed in your gaming habits?

What gaming moment blew you away?

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LORDS OF THE FALLEN - Overview Trailer | Pre-Order Now

Forza Motorsport Everything To Know

HYENAS: Inside Story of Creative Assembly’s $100M FAILURE

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Super serious

Second Playthrough [OC]