Issue #192

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Epic also appeals to US Supreme Court in legal battle against Apple

Xbox Cracks Down On Emulation, Starts Banning Players

Dwarf Fortress’s publisher is now helping the best early access roguelike across the finish line after 8 years on Steam

Sony Seeking Out Acquisition Manager

Dark Souls anime reportedly in the works for Netflix

The final Xbox Games with Gold have been announced

PS5 Beta Finally Adds Support for Dolby Atmos HDMI Devices, Among Other Things

Minecraft and Roblox are being used to spread Russian propaganda to kids

Gaming’s most generous free trial is about to get a whole lot better

PS5 is getting a major new accessibility feature

8BitDo’s Nintendo-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard Is Up For Preorder

Microsoft Submits Document as to Why the UK Should Approve Its Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Xbox Game Pass Titles For August 2023 Announced

Next Battlefield Is A “Reimagination” Of The Series

Valve resets the rules on pro CS:GO tournaments: ‘we’ve seen professional Counter-Strike drift away’ from its ideals

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Samsung Odyssey OLED G9

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart PC tech analysis

Asus TUF-AX4200


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‘Payday 3’ Preview: It’s A Lot Like ‘Payday 2’

20 Years Later, EVE Online is Still Ahead of its Time

ESRB wants to make it easier to harvest kids’ personal data | This Week in Business

Broforce Developer on the Surprise Final Update, Possibility of Broforce 2

Videogame fantasy settings are staler than mouldy bread right now

Let’s talk about some of gaming’s most disappointing sequels

How Dreamcast Killed Sega’s Hardware Reign

It Is Genuinely Hard To Believe The ‘Twisted Metal’ Show Is This Good

We condensed years of D&D storylines to get you ready for Baldur’s Gate 3

Warhaven Hands-On: Finding Joy in the Mayhem

Surviving the Cannibal curse: One developer’s fraught journey to create a videogame sequel to the most controversial movie ever made

Palia Preview

Why Baldur’s Gate 3’s faithful recreation of Dungeons & Dragons is so exciting

Baldur’s Gate 3 review-in-progress: Oh boy, it’s good

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What video game had a terrible final level?

Have you ever bought a console for a single game?

What video game failed because it came out at a bad time?

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Baldur’s Gate 3: Maggie Robertson on becoming a shapeshifting evil

LORDS OF THE FALLEN - Extended Gameplay Presentation | Pre-Order Now on PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X|S


Path of Exile 2 New Gameplay Trailer | Exilecon 2023

Fort Solis: 14 Minutes of Exclusive Gameplay

I’ve Been Playing Multiplayer Games Wrong All Along | The Kurt Locker

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The enemy of my enemy is also my enemy

Hogwarts Legacy Turned Into Hogwarts Nightmare on GTX 660