Issue #188

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Meet Ukraine’s WePlay Studios, Overcoming War To Transform Esports

The biggest news from BIG? The Xbox Series S is doing exactly what Microsoft hoped it would do

The One Ring card, Magic: The Gathering’s coveted collectible, has been found

This is why Roblox is not on PlayStation

Lord of the Rings Gollum developer is closing down

Terraria “still sells like hot cakes, it makes it hard to move on”

Valve bans 40 CS:GO traders, leaving over £1.5m worth in-game items in limbo

Valve is scrutinizing games with AI assets on Steam, says avoiding copyright violation ‘is the developer’s responsibility’

Someone uploaded Far Cry’s leaked source code to the Internet Archive

Apple’s ongoing case over Fortnite payments is heading to the Supreme Court

Xbox and Bethesda Attending Gamescom 2023

Xbox Game Pass adds Grand Theft Auto V, Exoprimal, Techtonica, and more in early July

Names are missing from the list of Diablo 4 hardcore challenge victors, who are slated to be immortalised in stone

Diablo 4 Season 1 Release Date Revealed Along With Fresh Details on Quest Line and More

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The Xbox Series S Is Holding Xbox Back

How a new generation of drag artists is breaking limits and queering video games

Netflix Is Betting Big On The Game Industry. Will It Work?

Is Mac on the verge of a gaming revolution?

Why do games media layoffs keep happening?

Catching Up With Old Friends

Street Fighter 6’s Modern controls are the accessibility breakthrough that finally let me compete in fighting games

Games for Change, a leading voice for social change in video games, is getting way into tabletop


Skyrim porn mods spark voice actor backlash over AI deepfakes

Mid-1990s Sega document leak shows how it lost the second console war to Sony

Hot New Steam Shooter Is The First Good Battlefield Game Since 2016

How Diablo 4’s Story Breaks Free From Its Past

How Diablo 4 Season 1’s New Malignant Villains Are Changing The Game

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Do you ever set self-imposed challenges when playing videogames?

PSA: Video Games are supposed to be fun. If you aren’t having fun, stop playing video games (at least for a little while).

Whats the one gameplay feature that impressed you the most, ever, in any game?

Have you ever played a game so great that you were sad and felt empty after beating it since there was nothing out there like it?

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Stop Announcing Games So Early

Introduction | We The People | Devlog #1

We Found & Saved 10 YEARS of Lost Video Game History

Dead by Daylight | Nicolas Cage | Official Trailer

Why You Should Pick The Steam Deck Over The ROG Ally

Helldivers 2 - Co-op and Combat Trailer | PS5 & PC Games

Diablo Immortal | Announce Cinematic | Blood Knight

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I got off the horse by accident right before a cutscene in red dead

‘Play until we lose’