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The big games, reveals, and trailers from Xbox Games Showcase

All the inspired indie games shown at Day of the Devs

Wholesome Direct 2023: Our 15 Favorite Games

Everything Announced at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase Presented by Intel

Every game at the PC Gaming Show 2023

All the big games, reveals, and trailers from Ubisoft Forward

Everything We Revealed at Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2023

Starfield locked to 30fps on console, Bethesda confirms

All The Newly Confirmed Xbox Game Pass Day One Launches

Final Fantasy 16 Demo Available Now

Hundreds Of Reddit Gaming Communities Go Private In “Blackout” To Protest Changes

Overwatch 2 fans outraged over $15 price tag for story missions

FTC wins a temporary restraining order blocking the Microsoft—Activision deal

Dead Cells is Getting an Animated Series

PlayStation 5 cloud game streaming coming to Premium subscribers

Star Citizen costs exceed Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 5, and RDR2 combined

Here’s the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium June lineup

Twitch Enrages Streamers Again With Convoluted New Revenue Share Program

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Greyhill Incident

F1 23

Harmony: The Fall of Reverie

Layers Of Fear

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Why I Still Can’t Stop Revisiting Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Annapurna’s Cocoon Preview: It’s Full of Surprise and Wonder

Meet The Teenagers Making Millions Playing Professional Fortnite

Diablo 4 Makes Me Feel Like A Kid Playing Video Games After School

The Xbox Games Showcase’s biggest reveal is that Microsoft’s now the PC publishing monster it always should have been

Xbox’s Bright Future, and How We’ll Get There

Cyberpunk’s Expansion Totally Overhauls the Original Game

What makes an Obsidian game? Playing tonnes of old Obsidian (and BioWare) games

Axios - The head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty in an interview

This is almost certainly going to be the best year for fighting games ever

Why the head of Xbox isn’t worried about its future

How Massive is making two blockbusters at the same time | Thomas Andren interview

“Microsoft had already loaded Sony’s gun” | 10 Years Ago This Month

The Starfield tech breakdown: why it runs at 30 frames per second

FF16’s demo is a masterclass in pre-launch marketing | Opinion

PlayStation confident in PS Plus strategy as it readies PS5 game streaming

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Is there a game you love despite absolutely sucking at it?

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Starfield Direct – Gameplay Deep Dive

9 Minutes of Sonic Superstars Gameplay | Summer Game Fest 2023

Forza Motorsport Gameplay Demo on Xbox Series X 4K 60FPS

Lies of P - Gameplay Showcase


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