Issue #184

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Everything announced during Summer Game Fest 2023

Blaseball, an Absurdist Cult Favorite, Is Officially Ending

Microsoft Could Pull Activision Games From The UK

Diablo 4 has a winner in its race to world’s first level 100, with Hardcore falling one day later

Sony Boss Warns Cloud Gaming Still Technically ‘Very Tricky’

Diablo 4 has two expansions cooking already

Summer Games Done Quick 2023 Finishes With Over $2.2 Million Raised

Apple Finally Reveals Long-Awaited AR Headset, Vision Pro, Priced At $3,500

Apple adds Game Mode for Mac among other gaming features

Bill Gates says he’s a gamer now, calls them ‘a terrific metaphor for human connection’

Western Digital’s new Xbox Series X expansion cards are now official

Nintendo levels up with a fresh wave of retro games for Switch Online

Xbox hit with $20M fine over child privacy violations

Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Third-Party as BioWare Focuses on Mass Effect and Dragon Age

Counter-Strike 2’s first major update arrives, ahead of full summer launch

Minecraft’s 1.20 Trails And Tales Update Is Out Now

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HyperX Cloud III Gaming

Amnesia: The Bunker

Mask Of The Rose

Sony Inzone H9

Sony Inzone M9

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Play-To-Earn Advocates Have No Soul

Diablo IV interview: Paragon system, PvP, replayability and more

Blizzard Leadership Interview: Discussing Diablo 4’s Endgame and Live-Service Future

System Shock Remake Is an Essential History Lesson for BioShock’s Biggest Fans

How Deep Silver won over thousands of influencers with Dead Island 2

From Dead Cells to reinventing retro IP: The untold story of Evil Empire

RoboCop: Rogue City Hands-On Preview

Games industry 2023 Pride Month round up

Final Fantasy 16 Developers Explain the Unique Eikonic Abilities – IGN First

Noctua’s fan 8 years in the making could be the last you’ll ever need

Madden NFL 24 - Preview

Diablo 4’s onslaught of MMO features hints at a questionable live-service future

Report: EA ‘Exploiting The Players’ With College Football Payments

In defence of the cosmetic whales | Opinion

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With Diablo 4 reigniting the microtransactions arguments, I need to rant. Also, “No one is forcing you to buy them” is a terrible argument.

Do you use the Epic Game Store for free games?

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Investigation: Who’s Telling the Truth about Disco Elysium?

History of Diablo

No Man’s Sky Singularity Expedition Trailer


Robocop Rogue City NEW Gameplay 4K (No Commentary)

18 Minutes of Final Fantasy 16 Dungeon-Crawling Gameplay – IGN First

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Depends are great