Issue #179

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This creature-collecting RPG is getting rave reviews on Steam: “It’s like Pokemon, but better”

Vampire Survivors is getting an animated series from John Wick creator’s studio

Respawn CEO “would love to see” Titanfall 3 happen

Sony Is First Company to Sell 500 Million Home Consoles After PS5 Success

Pathfinder is getting its own Diablo-like action-RPG

Microsoft Will Have to Pay Activision $3 Billion if Acquisition Fails

The Super Mario Bros. Movie smashes $1 billion box office

PlayStation Studios boss promises its live service games will cover a range of genres and scales

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has leaked online

Major Publishers Report AAA Franchises Can Cost Over a Billion to Make

Microsoft announces next wave of Xbox and PC Game Pass games

EVE Online celebrates 20th anniversary with a fireworks show and a free expansion

Xbox Launches Game Pass Friend Referral Program For PC

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Switch Version Officially Canceled

CS:GO is being used to bypass Russian media restrictions and report on the Ukraine war

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Stray Blade

MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Gaming X Trio


Roots Of Pacha


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What If Microsoft Bought EA Instead Of Activision Blizzard?

Redfall Everything To Know

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard won’t take no for an answer | This Week in Business

Diablo 4: Here Are 6 Games to Play While You Wait (

We’re In A Weird Era For Licensed Games

Newest Steam Update Is Pretty Good, Actually

Here’s Everything That’s Free-to-Play in Destiny 2 After Lightfall

How Dead Island 2 Was Brought Back From the Dead | IGN Inside Stories

Before I Knew New York, I Knew Liberty City: A Retrospective on GTA IV’s Setting

How The Mageseeker solves a League of Legends lore problem

Redfall’s Failure Is Microsoft’s Failure

I’m Getting Pretty Sick Of Broken PC Ports

The Last Worker takes a dystopian look at the future of the games industry itself

How to build a visionary game company and strong culture | Dino Patti

Xbox Is Running Out Of Time To Get It Right

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The reason why you no longer enjoying games is because you are taking it too seriously.

‘We’re running at a f**king wall, and we’re gonna crash’—CD Projekt’s lead quest designer on big budget RPGs

To Reviewers: Performance, Stability & Fluidity Should Be Part of the Final Score. Not a Side Note!

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Twisted Metal | Official Teaser | Peacock Original

History of The Legend of Zelda

Skywind Gameplay Demo - Necromancer in Mawia

Diablo IV - Server Slam Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

After Us - Gameplay Trailer

Chrono Odyssey | Official Gameplay Trailer (4K)

Phil Spencer Interview: Redfall Reviews, Activision Deal - Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 137

A Response to the Phil Spencer Kinda Funny Interview

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Game Dev Story is so unrealistic

GTA San Andreas had peak Dialogue writing