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Massive Dota 2 patch makes the map 40% bigger, changes the UI, matchmaking, so much other stuff it’s basically Dota 3 now

Microsoft isn’t paying Twitter’s new API fees, so Xbox to Twitter sharing is gone

Blizzard says that Diablo 4 isn’t “intended to be played forever”

Miyamoto Hints More Nintendo Movies Are on the Way

Horizon Forbidden West Sequel in Development, Guerrilla Confirms

There’s an official Call of Duty board game

Apple Scores Another Win in Epic Antitrust Dispute

CSGO cases plummet in value as Valve releases Anubis skins

Metacritic improving moderation after “abusive, disrespectful” Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores reviews

Hitting Diablo 4’s level cap will take over 150 hours “for the average player”

Asus reveals more details on its Ryzen Z1 powered ROG Ally handheld PC

Xbox Reports 2nd Best March Quarter Ever, Gaming and Hardware Revenue Drops

UK blocks Microsoft Activision Blizzard deal

PlayStation Plus Free Games For May | Xbox Live Gold free games for May

The PS5 Just Sold More Units In A Single Quarter Than Any Other Console Ever

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Honkai: Star Rail

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Deceive Inc

Age of Wonders 4

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Could AI spell the end of the immersion-breaking NPC? | Opinion

Are developers allowed to copy themselves? | This Week in Business

Pentagon leak spotlights surprising interplay between gaming and military secrets

When a plan comes together: Inside a massive Eve Online corporate heist

The joy of barely succeeding in Betrayal At Club Low

Redfall Co-op Campaign Preview

Why do so many modern games have tiny text?

AI has already changed video games forever – and not necessarily for the better

Alien: Isolation’s Terrifying Introduction to the Perfect Predator - Art of the Level

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Hands-On Preview: It Lets You Test Out Your Craziest Ideas

Honkai: Star Rail Is For Genshin Impact Fans Who Don’t Have Time For Open Worlds

Call of Duty was a red herring: Why cloud gaming is the real problem for Microsoft and Activision

Without Activision, what does Xbox do now? | Opinion

Why There’s No Room for Suburbs in Open-World Games

Is the Microsoft-Activision deal dead?

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What game mechanic should die?

If a game is in early access, there is no such as a “free content update”.

Which video game cutscene will stay with you forever?

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Humanity: Solve Aesthetic Puzzles As A Shiba Inu | New Gameplay Today


The Force is strong with us @MarkHamill

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Puss in Boots in Elden Ring

Astounding 40 FPS