Issue #175

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Path of Exile: Crucible Adds Forges for Weapon Upgrades, New Unique Items, and More

Bafta Game Awards 2023 winners

E3 is cancelled this year, and it might not ever come back

Voice actors remain sceptical about the use of AI in gaming

Niantic Raises Prices Of Pokemon Go Remote Raid Passes, Implements Daily Limit

Roblox will hide ads for users 13 and under

Ark 2 delayed until ’end of 2024’

Resident Evil 4 Remake actor deactivates Instagram comments after receiving thousands of critical messages

The ROG handheld PC is real and Asus announced it in the worst way

Saudi Arabia invests $38bn to establish local gaming industry

Activision Blizzard sued by US government over esports salaries

Microsoft announces April Xbox Game Pass games

No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update Adds a New Universal Threat


Pour one out for Diablo 3 as Blizzard prepares its final new season

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MLB The Show 23

The Last Worker


Everspace 2

Meet Your Maker

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D

Crime Boss: Rockay City

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In the end, the industry just didn’t want this E3 | Opinion

Some games to play on International Transgender Day of Visibility

The Evolution Of Games Like Fortnite And Warzone Is Already Here

The men who created Tetris reflect on their bromance

Diablo 4 is the “best” of the series Blizzard says, and here’s why

How Epic is “doubling down” on its vision for the metaverse

The games industry needs to tell its story better to head off public concern | Opinion

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an old-school sequel - and that’s perfect

I saw the first major ‘AI game’ coming to PC, and it convinced me of its potential for storytelling

Minecraft Legends: The Final Preview

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What happened to playing a game just for fun?

Do you prioritize gaming over other forms of entertainment?

Fallout New Vegas - My Favorite Game of all Time.

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What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Apple TV+’s Tetris | Alexey Pajitnov, Henk Rogers, Taron Egerton

Cyberpunk 2077 | Ray Tracing: Overdrive Mode - 4K Technology Preview Reveal

Lifeweaver | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

Diablo IV | Into the Endgame

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John Marston was not the brightest guy

Tyrion Lannister em The Witcher 3