Issue #172

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Sweeney: Commercial AI models shouldn’t use art without artists’ consent

Konami Acknowledges ‘Excitement and Enthusiasm’ for More Castlevania Amid Dead Cells DLC Launch

Put another notch on Google’s axe, Stadia’s switch to a licenced streaming platform is dead too

STALKER 2 Devs Say They Were Hacked, Ask Fans to Stay Away From Leaks

The Last of Us Part 2 to be More Than One Season in HBO TV Series - News

Sony thinks Starfield being Xbox exclusive justifies why it’s worried about Call of Duty

Roblox had $150m in Silicon Valley Bank, says it will be unaffected by collapse

The launch of Star Citizen’s biggest update has been a shambles, and players are frustrated: ‘This is embarrassingly bad’

Second Life is heading to mobile devices

Neil Druckmann Says Naughty Dog Has Chosen Its Next Game, but Doesn’t Confirm The Last of Us Part 3

FBI Warns Against Mobile Game Scams Involving Cryptocurrency

Sony announces PlayStation Plus additions for March

Steam Spring Sale Is Live - Here Are The Best Deals

Streamers Shroud and Sacriel are the latest content creators trying to make a game

New Persona 5 Spinoff Game Announced

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Pizza Tower

Resident Evil 4

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The Strange Saga of The Day Before

The best puzzle games on PC in 2023

The Bizarre Ballad Of ‘Atomic Heart’

The 15 most iconic pinball machines of all time shines a light on Black stories in gaming | Donovan Erskine interview

Dead Island 2: The Final Preview

A century later, baseball’s Negro Leagues are getting their due in a video game

The videogame to TV boom hasn’t even truly started yet: here are 30 more series and movies on the way

How QTCinderella became the heart of the streaming community

10 years of Warframe | The ups, the downs… and what to expect in the next 5 years of ‘mapped out’ content

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What was your first single-player game to break 100 hours on?

What game or games are you most passionate about as a patient gamer?

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RoboCop: Rogue City Receives New Gameplay Trailer

Hyper Light Breaker - Official First Gameplay Trailer

Atlas Fallen - “Rise from Dust” Gameplay Reveal Trailer

[NCing] Project G Official Trailer

Redfall - Official Story Trailer

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Random Squads

Nothing to see here

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A guide to properly crediting game workers and why it matters