Issue #165

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Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct January 2023: Everything Announced

‘Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty’ Is CDPR’s Highest Budgeted Expansion Ever

Factorio is getting a price increase in response to inflation

Marvel’s Avengers won’t be supported after September

343 Industries will continue to develop future Halo games, despite rumours to the contrary

The Last Of Us Part 1 Sees Sales Spike After HBO Premiere

Grand Theft Auto Online PC exploit reportedly allows cheaters to remotely modify stats and corrupt accounts

Blizzard games go dark in China, with no return in sight: ‘This is so tragic,’ says former Hearthstone director

Blizzard fires WoW Classic lead after he protests employee evaluation policy

NBA All-World From Pokémon Go Studio Available Today

Microsoft subpoenas Sony to prepare for FTC trial

League of Legends dev held to ransom over stolen source code

Metro Exodus Developers Launch Full Mod Editor ‘Exodus SDK’

Xbox Game Pass Adds Hi-Fi Rush, GoldenEye 007, Age of Empires II, and More

HBO’s The Last Of Us Will Return For A Season 2

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Roller Drama

Chained Echoes

Dead Space

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Stalker 2 could redefine action horror – in the same way its brilliantly terrifying forerunners did

‘Mind Games’ Documentary Shows That Gamers Can Increase Their Skills Through Exercise

Roblox wants an older audience, but it’s leaving younger players behind

The Video Game Adaptation Curse Is A Myth

How WWE’s ‘WarGames’ finally made it into a video game after 35 years

Ken Block’s Lasting Racing Legacy

SteamWorld Build is a very pleasant surprise

Bardcard’s an ingenious spin on the roguelike

Google Stadia Was Simultaneously Ahead Of The Curve And Stuck In The Past

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Preview

The Queen Of Elden Ring Won’t Stop Finding New Ways To Beat The Game

I was not prepared for Microsoft to surprise launch an action game that goes this hard

Like a Dragon: Ishin - The Final Preview

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I don’t have the patience for open-world games anymore

Which old classics actually lived up to the hype when you finally got to play them?

What’s a game where grinding is fun?

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A Father’s Love - Building The Last of Us Episode 1

Working at Valve: ‘A Fearless Adventure’ or ‘Lord of the Flies’?

The History of Sex in Gaming

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The feel of superiority

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Where are people going to advertise games in 2023?